Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last post of 2011

Last day of 2011 and as i already said in other posts its time to rembember the big moments of this year. The recap of the ESC 2011 final is above and now im going to comment everything about the final, the results and my top 10.

Germany did a fantastic job and they deserve the 1st round of applause of this post.

Im going to start with Anke Engelke:

When she was announced as one of the hosts i didnt like her, i dont know why but when i watched her on the semifinals i fell in love with her. She gave us so many EPIC moments. She is one of the best Eurovision host ever and she definitely deserve all our love and a huge round of applause. We Love You ANKE!!

Now im going to comment the winner of the 2011 Eurovision song contest
Ell & Nikki - Running scared

To be totally honest i didnt expect them to win, i like the song, the performance was ok but in my opinion there were better songs or performances. I wish them all the best and i really hope we can get a good show next year in Azerbaijan.

Now my top 10 but i have to say that from the place 10 to the 4 are in ramdom order cause i just have a clear top 3.

Sweden: Eric Saade - Popular

I dont know why im posting this song, cause i really dont like it but when i listen to it, it makes me dance so i guess thats why its here on the 10 i liked the most. About the performance on the final the only good think i can say is that he looked great. I really dont understand why the 3rd place but whatever, Congratulations to Eric and Sweden.

Slovenia: Maja Keuc - No one

I love the song and she is a nice singer, im not sure if i liked the performance, but it wasnt bad so thats it.

Eric & Danny Saucedo gave us one of the best moments of this year

Will Danny win the Melodifestivalen 2012?

Serbia: Nina - Caroban

NINAA! i was so happy when she qualified to the final! Lovely performance, everything was perfect, the LED background, the choreography, the vocals, the song, everything. Well done Nina.

Austria: Nadine Beiler - The secret is  love

One of the best singers of this year without a doubt, the song was my favorite on the Austrian selection so i was very proud of her when she qualified. The performance was very good and i hope Austria keeps sending real talent to Eurovision.

Denmark: A Friend in London - New tomorrow

C'mon boys, c'mon girls in this crazy crazy world... Im glad they got a top 5 cause it was very good performance and the song is fantastic. I cant wait to listen their album next year.

Tim Schou from AFIL want to fuck us!

Another great moment of this year

Iceland: Sjonni's Friends - Coming home

Iceland again in my top favorites, yaaay. I always love the Icelandic team in Eurovision they are so nice and warm. Before Eurovision this song wasnt on my favorites but the performance was so great that it made me love this beautiful song. Amazing team with a pretty honest and lovely performance, what can i say i love it.

What a moment! It make me want to hug them and celebrate with them. Bravo Iceland.

Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli - In love for a while

This was so underrated booo, Switzerland deserved at least a top 15. This was a huge surprise to me cause when it won in the national final i didnt like that much but she is a lovely artist and did a great job in the Eurovision stage. They were the cutest team of 2011 and i will give them a big round of applause! If you like her you should definitely buy her new Album "Bon voyage".

Now its time for my top 3:

3.Italy: Raphael Gualazzi - Madness of love

Congratulations Italy! The best song in the contest and im glad the juries voted for this master piece. Raphael is such a talented guy and im sure he is going to be very succesful in his career. Bravo Raphael!

2.Germany: Lena - Taken by a stranger

WOW, O_O the best performance of this year! It was so dark and mysterious. I LOVE IT! What can i say about Lena?, she is so fucking great. She deserved a top 3, it was her Eurovision, she won last year and came back to gave us this orgasmic performance. A huge round of applause and a standing ovation to LENA!!!

Well, now before my number 1 its time to say THANKS, i know im cheesy but i really have to say this cause Eurovision makes happy every year. Thanks to all the artists from all the countries that participated in their national selections, a lot of songs that were part of this year. Thanks to the EBU and the Hosts of this year in Germany for such an amazing job. Thanks to all the webs for all the information, videos, photos, prizes. THANKS to everyone that are part of this huge Eurovision family. It was a good year and i hope we can get a fantastic show next year in Azerbaijan.

Now my Eurovision Song Contest 2011 WINNER is:
1.Ireland: Jedward - Lipstick

They made my Eurovision year!! Their performance was so energetic and fabulous. They are so good and fun, of course haters gonna hate but who cares, i really love them and i think they deserved a better place but 8th place is good and it doesnt matter who won, the real winners were JEDWARD! cause the song was the most successful of this year competition and they were the most successful artists. Their album Victory is fantastic, they made concerts in Sweden, Germany, Estonia and 2012 is going to be JEPIC! So lets get ready cause here they come, here they come dam da dam da dam da dam! IRELAND 12POINTS JEDWARD 12POINTS!!!

I want to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Eurovision Family and lets hope 2012 bring us great music, fantastic moments, Love and happiness. As Jamala said lets Smileee. I really hope we can all get a fabulous 2012. See you all next year.

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