Sunday, December 11, 2011

Switzerland 2012: The Sinplus guys are Unbreakable

Sinplus with their song "Unbreakable" won the Swiss National final and are going to represent Switzerland next year. Now i will comment all the songs and performances from my least favorite to my top favorite:

14.Macy - Shining

This was the most boring performance of the night in my opinion, his vocal werent good and i dont like the song at all.

13.Emel - She

Another *yawn* performance, she looked out of place and she was off key, i really dont know why this horrible song get into the 14 finalists.

12.Sosofluo - Quand je ferme les yeux

I think this one was not bad but it wasnt good so all i can say is i didnt like her hairdo and what she was wearing.

11.Atomic Angels - Black symphony

When the radio thing announced that the girls were one of their wildcards i didnt like it, but then i started to listen to it more and more and now i kinda sing with it and dance it. Now, the performance was a disaster, we all knew that this was going to be horrible to listen live and yeah we all were right.

10.Guillermo Sorya - Baby baby baby

I didnt want to put him this low but i think the performance was weak not because of him but the backing vocals and the song. I really like him and i think he should try again next year with a better song.

9.I Quattro - Fragile

This was very well performed cause they are great singers but the song is a big no for me.

8.IVO - Peace & freedom

I was scared to see this winning, when i watched the performance i knew this was going to be in the top but not because it was good cause it wasnt, i really dislike this kinda song with message and i didnt like his voice.

7.Raphael Jeger - The song in my head

This was weird for me cause even if i didnt want to like this, i like it a bit but i didnt want this to win, the chorus is very catchy but as the juries said this song is very cheesy.

6.Ze Flying Z├ęzettes Orchestra - L'autre

I like this song and the performance was nice, so this was definitely underrated.

5.Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves - Real love

This performance was ok, he is a good singer, his vocals were great, im not sure if i like her  but i guess they did a nice job. I like the song, the show didnt impress me but it wasnt bad.

4.Katherine St-Laurent - Wrong to let you go

I love this song and i was a bit dissapointed with the performance, it wasnt bad but i wanted more. She looked so pretty like wow and i wanted to love it but there was a lack of something, also the vocals in the last part were a bit weird but in general was nice. She is a good singer and im very happy she made it to the finalists, i wish her all the best with her career.

3.Sinplus - Unbreakable

The winners in my 3rd place, the song is very good and they did an amazing performance so its not a surprise for me that they have won. Now i have no idea about their chances in eurovision next year but theres a lot of time to wait for that, i wish them good luck for next year.

Now its pretty hard to select a 2nd and 1st place cause i loved both performances so its going to be a tie:

1.Lys Assia - C'etait ma vie

Bravo Lys! theres no word to describe the feeling i had with this performance, she was brilliant, i cant believe how good her vocals were, she is lovely and she deserved a better position. But i think she should be happy cause our Eurovision mother made us happy with this fabulous performance and im sure this is going to be a performance that everybody is going to remember. A big round of applause and a standing ovation to this wonderful lady, Bravo Lys!!!

1.Chiara Dubey - Anima nuova

I remember when i listened to this song in the Swiss/Italian online voting and i voted for it cause it was the best one. Then she was on the live show and she was one of the two winners with Sinplus. Her performance yestarday was magical, she was so sweet and her vocals were perfect, she looked so pretty and cute. She is definitely my winner and she would have been an amazing entry for Switzerland 2012. Bravo Chiara, she did a good job on stage and im proud of her.

Here are the full results of the final:
1. Sinplus - Unbreakable 17.87%
2.IVO - Peace & freedom 16.02%
3.Chiara Dubey - Anima nuova 13.82%
4.I Quattro - Fragile 10.56%
5.Katherine St-Laurent - Wrong to let you go 9.91%
6.Patric Scott feat Fabienne Louves - Real love 9.81%
7.Raphael Jeger - The song in my head 5.96%
8.Lys Assia - C'etait ma vie 5.46%
9.Macy - Shining 3.49%
10.Atomic Angels - Black symphony 2.36%
11.Emel - She 1.3%
12.Guillermo Sorya - Baby, baby, baby 1.19%
13.Ze Flying Z├ęzettes Orchestra - L'autre 1.17%
14.Sosofluo - Quand je ferme les yeux 1.08%

We have the 1st song of next, oh yeah. Congratulations to all the participants, thanks to the Swiss TV for making a great show and  good luck to the Sinplus guys!

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