Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: National Selections (2)

Here we go with the part 2!, this is a post to remember my favorite national selections entries of this year:

Use Me - Daisy

"It doesnt hurt to fall in love"

Yohanna - Nott

"Þú ert sú minning, sem lýsir myrkur hugans, ég man þig oft um nætur, nóttin er svo dimm"

Enkelejda Arifi - Nje dashuri

Zlata Ognevich - Kukushka

"Tebe ya bachyla, mene ty oy̆, ne spiy̆mav do neba letila"

Lena - Push forward

"If you could see how my world is tumbling, oh how it hurts when you're not around, all that i want is always to push forward"

Daria Medova - Infinity

"Fly away, feeling safe in your arms now far away and beyond time"

The Moniker - Oh my God!

"My intuition tells me you're the one forever, i can see myself in bed with you when i am 62"

Danny - In the club

"Aint no place in this world where i would rather be than here with you and rock this club, thats my philosophy, you and i through the night, in the club"

Jamala - Smile

"Be yourself and give a smile"

Linda Bengtzing - E det fel pa mig

"För någonstans i fantasin, finns en annan i mitt liv"

Loreen - My heart is refusing me

"I never thought that you could be this reckless, i cant believe you're doing this to me, oh, strip me down, im naked now"

Jenny Silver - Something in your eyes

"There's no reason to think twice cause there is something in your eyes"

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