Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Photos (5)

Amazing photos of this year:
Ding dong say no more
Saucedo & Saade puss puss
Jedmemories! Go Jedward!!
What a beautiful lady! Jenny Silver
Taken by a stranger
Jedward & Lena!
Fabulous Loreen
Saade My body wants you boy 
Amazing team!
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Loukas & Stereo Mike
Oh la la oh la la
Who is that lucky guy?
Oh yeah Tim
Saade & Twiins
The best MGP 2011 moment! Well Done Aste & Rikke! 
Eric Saades ass :drool:
This was the last post of pictures of 2011, soon i will show my top 10 of Eurovision 2011 in the last post of this year.

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