Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eurofest 2012: Semifinal

The semifinal of the Eurofest 2012 was on wednesday and i havent comment yet so its time to post about it. Belarus decided to make the Eurofest again after 2 years without it, 15 songs competed in the semifinals but only 5 of those songs get in the final that will take place on January 28.

Im going to start my comments with the songs that i liked and didnt get through:

Anna Blagova - You

I liked this since the 1st time i listened, she is a great singer but the performance in the semifinal wasnt good, she started a bit off key and her voice was shaky, i guess she was very nervous cause i've listened her singing this song in the auditions and she was good. Anyway this song was one of the best ballads and she deserved a second chance.

Alexandra Gaiduk & Natalia Baldina - Loveless

This song have so much drama and thats why i love it. Also Alexandra and Natalia are an amazing artists, they gave us the best vocal performance of the semifinal. A nice performance that deserve a round of applause.Well done ladies.

Anastasiya Vinnikova - Shining in twilight

She loves Belarus and wanted to represent her country again sadly she didnt get in the final. She surprised me cause i was expecting something horrible and at the end its was good and i liked. She looked gorgeous and she did her best, the backing vocals were horrible but she was ok.

Now its time for the finalists:

Gunesh - And morning will come

She was my favorite in 2008 and 2009 yeah with "I cant live without you" and "Fantastic girlfriend" so when i saw her name in the participants i was very excited but i have to say that this song is pretty mediocre, i just dont like it. She looked beautiful, i guess the only thing i liked was her dress, her vocals were good and thats all.

Litesound - We are the heroes

Litesound and Gunesh are always in the Eurofest final so next year we still have them in the final. The first thing im going to say its that the singer is looking HOT. The song might be the best option for Belarus next year even though i can see them having troubles to get in the Eurovision final. I wish them good luck.

Alena Lanskaya - All my life

What a beautiful girl, i guess she is my favorite for the final, she has a nice voice, i like the chorus, the song is ok, the performance was strong so i think she might do well with the juries. I watched the performance again and yes she is my favorite, so i really wish her all the best in the final, Go Alena!!

Victoria Aleshko - Dream

I like this song, i guess the whole performance was too much, too theatrical but she is a good singer and did a great show, im very happy that she made it to final. Good job Victoria!

Uzari - The winner

He was the last name announced and it was a surprise to me. I like this but im not sure about his chance in Eurovision.

If i have to make a ranking it would be this one Alena, Litesound, Victoria, Uzari & Gunesh. The final is on January 28.

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