Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spain 2012: Pastora Soler is ready to bring her talent to Eurovision

Wow, what a surprise, i was about to sleep when i saw something in the Eurovision RTVE facebook page, then someone told me "in 2 hours we will know the Spanish representer" i was like "what?". Then there were a lot of rumors on the forums and there were people saying that the artist selected by RTVE was Pastora.

Thats the song that came to my mind when i saw her name in the rumors (i really like that song). Then i started to watch some videos of her songs and i have to say that i like her very much.

RTVE gave us the news on time and on their web they confirmed that Pastora Soler was the artist that is going to represent Spain next year.
Im very happy with this decision, finally an amazing artists with a great career is going to Eurovision for Spain.

She has so much power on stage and her voice is fantastic, i really hope that they can find the right song for her cause i would love to see Spain doing well and im sure that with her and a great song the could do very well.

Im a bit scared to say well done RTVE cause they can still do what they always do and bring everything down. I really hope im wrong with that and im going to say it : Well done RTVE!
Here is a song from her new album:

As i said im sooo happy and i see that a lot of people is feeling the same about this selection. All i can say is  Good luck to Pastora and i really hope to have Spain in my favorites next year.

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