Thursday, December 29, 2011

Festivali I Kenges 50: My Favorites

The 50th edition of the Festivali i Kenges started on monday and is going to end tomorrow, 28 songs in 2 semifinals and just 20 finalists for tomorrow night, only one song will win and will represent Albania next year in Eurovision. I watched the 2 semifinals and in this post i will comment the songs i like the most.

Im going to start with the songs that were eliminated:

Marsida Saraçi - Eja më merr

I really liked this one, maybe the performance wasnt perfect but the song is good.

Goldi Halili - Rroj për dashurinë

This is her 3rd entry in the FIK and this is the first time i like her song and now she didnt get in the final, the song is catchy and poppy but her vocals were really weak so i guess thats why she didnt qualify, i hope we can get the studio version of this song.

The Finalists:
Dr. Flori - Personale

A rap song on the ones i like the most? yeah, my favorite part is the chorus but is not a bad song.

Toni Mehmetaj - Ëndrra e parë

This one is a nice song, he is cute but he needs a stronger stage presence.

Elhaida Dani - Mijra vjet

She is a great artists but sadly i think she is much better than her song that is not bad but its just not good enough. The performance was really good and she looked gorgeous.

Gerta Mahmutaj - Pyete zemrën

This one is cool and with the usual Albanian revamp this can be a good option for Eurovision, she needs to improve her vocals but i really can imagine this on esc.

Rudina Delia - Më kërko

I dont like her dress and hairdo but i really like her song and thats the only thing that matters, i wouldnt mind to see her winning.

Saimir Braho - Ajër

The drums made me love this since the beginning, its a good song and i think its going to get a lot of points tomorrow.

Rona Nishliu - Suus

The 1st time i watched the performance was a wow moment but then some doubts came to me, i think this is a very interesting and touching song but i dont know, its also a very hard to get song like Kenga ime last year. The performance was so good, very emotional and she is fantastic, she deserve a big round of applause. Its a risky entry, it can finish on the top or in the bottom, i wish her good luck.

Samanta Karavello - Zgjomë një tjetër ëndërr

I just love it, she looked a bit nervous but this song is great. There is no more to say she is my 2nd favorite and i wish her all the best for the final.

Xhensila Myrtezaj - Lulet mbledh për hënën

I know there is no chance for her to win sadly but this is my winner without a doubt, what a lovely song, i fell in love with it since the moment she started singing, good job to the composers and to Xhensila!. I would love to see this representing Albania next year, well i cant do anything about it so all i can do is wish her all the best and good luck tomorrow. Go Xhensila!!!

So those are my favorites, i feel that the winner is not on my faves list :(. Im almost 98% sure that the winner will be Elton Deda but lets wait to see whats going to happen.

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  1. I am glad that at least you liked my song Rroj per Dashurine this year. I apologize for my vocals and I hope that by working hard on them I'll improve.
    You said that you would like to hear the studio version of the song. It is up on youtube under Goldi Rroj per Dashurine.
    Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this more than the stage version.