Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Melodi Grand Prix 2012: The Running Order

This year NRK has been announcing the participants of the MGP 2012 almost 2 participants per week, i didnt post anything cause honestly it wasnt interesting to post but here we go!. The MGP 2012 will be bigger than the last years cause there are going to be 24 songs competing on 3 semifinals, 8 songs in each semifinal with the top 3 getting in the final, there is also no Siste sjansen this year (Yaaay). Marte is back to host and thats great cause i really loved her last time.

Now lets see the running order of the semifinals:

Semifinal 1 - Ørland - January 21
1.Irresistable - Elevator
2.Kim André Rysstad - Så vidunderlig
3.Reidun Sæther - High On Love
4.Rudi Myntevik - You Break It, You Own It
5.Lisa Stokke - With Love
6.United - Little Bobbi
7.Nora Foss Al-Jabri - Somewhere Beautiful
8.The Carburetors - Don’t Touch The Flame

Semifinal 2 - Larvik - January 28
1.Cocktail Slippers - Keeps On Dancing
2.Isabel Ødegård - I’ve Got You
3.Tommy Fredvang - Make It Better
4.Rikke Lie - Another Heartache
5.Malin - Crush
6.Plumbo - Ola Nordmann
7.Minnie-Oh - You And I
8.Rikke Normann - Shapeshifter

Semifinal 3 - Florø - February 4
1.Tooji - Stay
2.Marthe Valle - Si
3.Petter Øien - Things Change
4.Yaseen & Julie Maria - Sammen
5.Håvard Lothe Band - The Greatest Day
6.Silya Nymoen - Euphoria
7.The Canoes - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
8.Lise Karlsnes - Sailors

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