Monday, December 5, 2011

Junior Eurovision 2011: Congratulations to Georgia

The 9th edition of the Junior Eurovision song contest was on saturday and the Candy girls from Georgia won.

It was a very good show and Armenia did a great job.

The winners:

Georgia wasnt on my favorites but i cant deny that the girls are very talented and gave us a great performance.

Now some of my favorites:


This song is so good, i started to like it after the show.

Katya came back to Jesc and she did a perfect performance, now she should wait some years to get to Eurovision cause she is very good.

Beautiful ballad with a great singer,  maybe her gestures were a bit too much but i really liked the performance and her vocals were very good. Well done Lidiya!

The Netherlands:
Bravo Rachel!! the real winner in my opinion, this was my favorite since the 1st time when i listened the song in the Dutch finals. The best song of this year without a doutb, a big round of applause to the lovely Rachel and her team cause they all did a great performance.

Now before my last favorite, its time to some of the interval acts:
Cant wait to listen her song in MF next year.
Sirusho come back to Eurovision please.

The recap

Ok, i can say that this last video was my biggest favorite of the night:
When i listened this for the first time i thought this was going to end in the bottom 3 but surprise surprise: Lerika was the bomb, the strongest stage presence this year, she really impressed me, her vocals were perfect, she looked fabulous, her energy was so contagious that it made me very happy and now i cant stop singing her song. Im sure she really enjoyed being on the stage and i cant wait to see her representing Moldova in Eurovision in some years. A round of applause for Lerika! Well done girl!!
Thats all, Congratulations to Armenia for the wonderful show, to all the people who made this possible and to all the kids that gave us great moments.  If you want to watch the show again here it is:

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