Saturday, December 10, 2011

Switzerland is getting ready

Tomorrow we will know the 1st song of the Eurovision song contest 2012. 14 song are competing to get the 1st place and the public is the one who decide the winner.

Switzerland is doing the same thing they did last year, i have a couple of favorites this year and its great to see some of the participants i voted on the online selection in the 14 finalists.

Here is the running order:
1. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves - Real love
2. Emel - She
3. Chiara Dubey - Amina nuova
4. Guillermo Sorya - Baby baby baby
5. Macy - Shining
6. Sosofluo - Quand je ferme les yeux
7. Atomic Angels - Black Symphony
8. Ivo - Peace & Freedom
9. Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra - L’autre
10. Raphael Jeger - The song in my head
11. I Quattro - Fragile
12. Sinplus - Unbreakable
13. Lys Assia - C’était ma vie
14. Katherine St-Laurent - Wrong to let you go
As i said i like some of the songs but i guess we can have surprises like last year with the live performances.
Katherine St-Lauren and Lys Assia are my top 2 favorites, then Sinplus, Chiara Dubey, Guillermo Sorya, Atomic Angels, Patric & Fabbiene, Raphael Jager & Ze flying zézettes orchestra.
Good luck to all of the finalists and lets hope the best one win.

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