Saturday, February 16, 2013

Austria 2012: Natália Kelly is the winner

The Austrian final was today and the lovely Natália Kelly won the competition and its going to represent Austria in Malmö with her song "Shine".

I like the song but i didnt love the performance, i think she needs more energy on stage and she also needs to improve a bit her vocal performance but im very happy for her and i wish her all the best in Eurovision.
Here is an interview with Natalia Kelly:

My favorites on the night were:
Falco Luneau

I really like him and he did a great job on stage, well done Falco!
Here is an interview with Falco Luneau:

She was my biggest favorite of the final! she did a beautiful performance and i really love the song!! Good luck on your career Yela!!

The Bandaloop and Elija were ok! i think it was a very nice show and all 5 acts were good and i wish all of them all the best! 
Photos: Milenko Badzic (ORF)

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