Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kdam 2013: Semifinal 1 - Results

Israel started their national selection this week, its a Kdam Melodifestivalen version and there are pretty good songs so lets see the results of the semifinal 1:

2nd Chance
Judah Gavra - We're beautiful
This song is good and he is HOT! and also talented so what a great combination jaja. I really liked the performance still i think the vocals were a bit weak in some parts but i hope he can do a better vocal performance on the next show. Good Luck Judah!!!

Kathleen Reiter - Ad elay
A beautiful ballad by a gorgeous and talented girl, i liked the performance but i was expecting more cause this seems to be one of the biggest favorites for Eurovision and i didnt go crazy with the performance, it was just good.

Ron Weinreich - Love is one
Another good song with a very solid performance, he has a very strong stage presence and i like his voice a lot! Well done Ron!

Shany Zamir - Forever
This was very very good, i like her voice even ifl i think she needs to control it a bit in some parts but she did a great performance and it wouldnt mind to see this in Malmö!! I like the song, her stage presence and her interesting voice so i could say this was my favorite from all the 4 songs! Good luck to Shany!!

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