Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kdam 2013: Semifinal 2 - Results

The 2nd semifinal of the Kdam 2013 was today and here are the results:

2nd Chance
Yarden Tsur - Replace you
This was nice, she is very cute and she did a lovely lovely! Not sure if its going to be one of my favorites but i like it!

Vladi Blayberg - We are free 
This song is not bad but i really dont want something like this in Eurovision, the stage act + the lyrics of the song together were too much for me. It was a cool perfomance and he is a good singer but the whole thing its just not what i want from Israel for Malmö.

Moran Mazuz - Give me a sign
This song is ok but i dont love it still i think she did a fantastic performance! 

Ran Sandler - Find a way
I like this song, he is a good singer and his performance was really strong! Well done Ran!

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