Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Deltävling 3: CAROLINE AF UGGLAS

The 3rd semifinal of the Melodifestivalen 2013 was full of DRAMA! and its not because of State of drama but the results. Here are my comments about all the performances.
Då kör vi!!!!

1.Alibi - Eddie Razaz
We started the 3rd semifinal with the lovely Eddie! I think he did a good job and if this song would have been in the 1st semifinal he would have qualified but having 2 male pop/dance songs opening the 2 previews semifinals fucked up his chances so that was Bjorkmans fault. Now lets talk about the performance, i love Eddie and i think the song was the best dance song if we compare it with Skyline & Begging but there was something missing in the performance, maybe he was too nervous but this song needed more energy on stage, maybe the choreography wasnt strong enough but he was pretty good vocally! So i wish him all the best in his career cause he deserve a lot of success.

2.Island - Elin Petersson
Elin should be very very proud of herself cause she made a beautiful song and her performance in the semifinal was lovely, one of my favorites of this year! Well done Elin!!

3.En riktig jävla schlager - Ravaillacz
I know all of them are very talented artists and if they qualified its because people voted for them but still i think its kinda sad that a joke song takes off the oportunity to a real contender for eurovision. I think any of the eliminated acts would have been much better finalists than this group but everything happens for a reason,  i think the song is not good but they did a very entertaining performance.

4.Dumb - Amanda Fondell
I dont get what happenned but ill try to find some explanation cause this song was one of the best songs of this year MF and she is a very interesting artist so why the people didnt vote for her? I think the performance was good but i was expecting something wow and i didnt get that feeling so i wasnt sure about her being a direct finalist but an andra chansen finalist. I was in shock when the results were announced and i felt really bad for her cause i cant imagine how was that moment for her, she was the biggest favorite and she got 7th place and its hard to know why. I think the song in studio is a winner but in the live version there was a lack of something and i guess its the 1st part of the song that didnt work well with the performance. I wish Amanda all the best and really hope to see her on Melodifestivalen again cause i want to see her in Eurovision!!

5.In and out of Love - Martin Rolinski
I like Martin and im happy with his result, the song is very catchy and he did a very good job, i really dont think the stage act suits the song and it was kinda boring for me but i guess they wont change it so good luck on Andra chansen!

6.Hon har inte - Caroline af Ugglas
This woman deserve a huge round of applause and a standing ovation!! The best song of MF 2013 by now and her performance left me speechless, i dont even care what happens in Andra chansen but im just happy to know that she is going to perform this master piece once again, still i will be glad if you vote for her and make her a finalist cause thats what she deserve! Thank you very much Caroline for the magnificent song and  performance! GO CAROLINE!!

7.Falling - State of Drama
This guys are very talented and they did a good performance but right  i dont remember their song.

8.Heartstrings - Janet Leon
Janet is a very talented singer but i think this wasnt her moment, the song is kinda weird because of the verses and the chorus but its a good song, the problem for me was the performance, it was very messy and i think the choreography wasnt the right one for this song, the only part of the choreo i liked was the nanananana part the rest was too complicated. Still im sure we will see her on Melodifestivalen again!

8.Island - Elin Petersson
7.Dumb - Amanda Fondell
6.Alibi - Eddie Razaz
5.Heartstrings - Janet Leon

Andra Chansen
In and out of Love - Martin Rolinski
Hon har inte - Caroline af Ugglas 

Falling - State of Drama
En riktig jävla schlager - Ravaillacz
Photos: Olle Kirchmeier / SVT

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