Monday, February 4, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Deltävling 1: Close your eyes and see my burning flags

The 1st semifinal of the Melodifestivalen 2013 was yesterday and i didnt love it, there were so many technical problems that i was like OMG whats happening?. There was no excitement with the results, the opening was meh and Danny needs to improve and show more skin in the next 5 weeks.
Då kör vi!!!!

1.Skyline - David Lindgren
The first song of the MF 2013 was Skyline, a very 2012 song and as some schlager blogs said a Shout it out & Amazing love child. David is a very good performer but there's something in him that doesnt suit the style of music he makes, still i think he did a very professional performance, the choreography was good and his vocals were ok even if i think the chorus is maybe a bit high for his voice but he did a good job and he looked much better than last year. 

2.Burning Flags - Cookies N Beans
This was the best performance of the semifinal imo, i cant believe Kempe made this song, the last Kempe song i loved was "Moving on" in 2009. The girls were marvelous vocally and their stage performance was perfect. They deserved to get into the final but im very happy with their result. A standing ovation to Cookies n Beans!!! Good luck on Andra chansen!

3.Paris - Jay-Jay Johanson
I like Jay Jay and i think the song is cool but sadly this was here to get the last position.

4.Gosa - Mary N’diaye
Och vi ska Gosa, gosa, gosa, gosa, gosa, gosa natten lång, gosa, gosa, gosa, gosa, gosa till vår sång, sooo catchy. I love Mary and i was very excited to see her competing in the MF but even if i really like Gosa, i knew it wasnt a top 4 song but im very happy for her and her 5th position cause she did a very fun and entertaining performance. She should come back next year with a "Big dreamer" kind of song and get in the final cause she is a really good artist! Go Mary!!!!

5.Vi kommer aldrig att förlora - Eric Gadd
This was really good, one of my favorites of the night.

6.Heartbreak Hotel - YOHIO
I dont like this, his vocals were kinda bad and this song is not interesting, the only thing he has  is his look and thats why he is on the final. I will be very disappointed if this wins MF but i think there will be much better acts in the next semifinals with good songs so i hope sweden can get a good act for Eurovision 2013.

7.Porslin - Anna Järvinen
Porslin is such a beautiful song and Anna did a lovely performance and im kinda sad for her result, she deserved a much better position.

8.We're Still Kids - Michael Feiner & Caisa
Im in love with Michael Feiner and i like the song but i think Caisa was very nervois and it wasnt the right performance for this kind of songs.

8.Paris - Jay-Jay Johanson
7.Porslin - Anna Järvinen
6.We're still kids - Michael Feiner & Caisa
5.Gosa - Mary N'diaye

Andra Chansen
Burning flags - Cookies N Beans
Vi kommer aldrig att förlora - Eric Gadd

Skyline - David Lindgren
Heartbreak hotel - Yohio
Photos: Olle Kirchmeier / SVT

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