Friday, February 15, 2013

Germany 2013: A Glorious winner? NO!

The Final of Unser song für Malmö had a lot of interesting and good acts but still the winner was the typical eurovision fanwank!
Cascada with the song Glorious were the winner of the german final! Here is the performance:

I didnt like this song cause its too Euphoria for me, still i think she is very cool and her vocal performance on the final was really good but the stage act was just lame, the wind machine, the horrible look, the choreo its all so typical old eurovision style, that i really think doesnt work on eurovision anymore. I hope this doesnt win on may just because she is "famous" cause that would be sad, one thing im sure about its that they are going to win the ogae voting jajaja, but if everything is fair this is going to be the Kate Ryan/Soraya/Kati Wolf of this year.

Now lets see my top 3:
Mia Diekow!!! I love her and i cant believe she came last, are you kidding me? the song is very weird but catchy and she is so lovable!

Betty Dittrich!!! This song is so good, i love the lyrics and she did a fantastic performance! this would have been a top 10 in eurovision! Well done Betty!!

Saint Lu!!! This was my favorite song since the beginning and her performance last night was amazing, i hope to see her on eurovision representing Austria cause she has something and i can see her winning eurovision with a great song so girl come back next year!! 

Photos: Marieke Duijts (EBU)

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