Saturday, December 15, 2012

Switzerland 2013: Heilsarmee to Malmö

The salvation army won the televote and its going to represent Switzerland in Sweden next year, theres no surprise this year as they were the "favorites" more because of who they are then for the song but whatever here is the 1st song of 2013 (cause we all know that the song that won in Belarus wont be the song they will send to esc)

The performance was really flat they doenst have a strong stage presence and even if i think the song is not bad, i dont support the salvation army, sorry Switzerland :(

Now here are the acts i liked the most:

Nicolas Fraissinet - Leve-toi

The surprise of this final for me, strong performance, cool song and he is really good so well done Nicolas!

Melissa - The point of no return

She is soooo beautiful, she should represent Spain or Switzerland in the Miss Universe pagent. I like this song and even if the performance was the "typical esc show" i really like it jaja still i think she was 100% nervous and couldnt sing well because of that but this was better than the act that won and she looked gorgeous.

Carrousel - J'avais rendez-vous

Really good performance and a very catchy song, it was fun and fresh, im glad they got in the top 3.

My winner for the 2nd year in a row:
Chiara Dubey - Bella sera

Theres only one word to describe this performance = Magical. She is the sweetest singer i've ever seen, her voice is so lovely and her stage presence is so pure, I LOVE HER! i hope to see her represent Switzerland one day with a great song and win eurovision cause she is the best. Bravo Chiara!!!

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