Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lithuania 2013 - Something happened: ANDRIUS POJAVIS WON!!!

Wohooooo!!!! I cant believe it, im so happy. I think its the 1st time im going to support Lithuania in Eurovision! Bravo Andrius!!

Here is the performance from the final:

Im in love with this song since i heard it in the 1st heat and im extremely happy right now. He definitely has something cause i cant take my eyes of him. If i could change something it would be the dancers, i think his 1st performance was the best one cause it was very interesting and as i said in the 1st heat post it was magnetic.
Congratulations to Andrius!!! Im on his team since day 1 so GO Team Something!! If you didnt read his interview with me, here it is:
Go to facebook and like his page:

Well done Lithuania and once again Congratulations to Andrius and good luck on Malmö.

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