Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lithuania 2013: Heat 5 - Results

This was the last heat and here are the 3 semifinalists:

- EL FUEGO - Ledo Gabalelis

I guess they are here to show us they can sing cause they forgot the song, where is the song guys? well at least they are talented and the performance was ok.

- DAR - Jump!

This is just... next please! i mean its not bad if we compare it with most of the really bad songs in the selection but still is something i dont want to see in eurovision.

- Monika Linkyte - Baby boy

Awww balloons, i hope she dont forget to bring her voice next time cause that was a pretty bad vocal performance and that song is really awful.

15 songs have been selected to the semifinals but now 3 songs got a wildcard so there will be 18 songs in the semifinals.

Here are the LRT wildcards:

- Giedre Smolskaite - Stay awake tonight

I like this performance, her vocals were good, she looked hot and the song is nice.

- Sophie - Make it happen

She is a good singer but the song is forgettable.

- Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep - War in the warderobe

They are interesting but the song is not good.

So i know Lithuania is going to send someone i dont like still there is a little hope in me that tells me that they might do it right this year but im sure they wont.

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