Friday, December 7, 2012

Belarus 2013: Alyona Lanskaya?

For the 2nd year in a row Alyona Lanskaya won the Eurofest but is she going to Eurovision? did she cheat like last year? is she going to sing another song in Mälmo? what can we expect? well this is Belarus so we can expect anything!.

She won with this song ( That doesnt mean she is going to sing it in Mälmo) (We're not even sure she is going to Mälmo) Jajajaj

I like the last year song more, this is cheap and it doesnt have a hook, too anonymous i think, there were much better songs in the competition, still i think she did a nice performance with some weird moments but ok.

If the thing that happened last year, happens again this would be the act for Mälmo

I like Nuteki but i dont like the song :/ too boring for me.

Now here are my favorites:

Uzari - Secret

I really like this song but i didnt get the performance, even though it was good but his vocals could have been much better.

Yankey - Letter to mother

I like this song a lot and the performance was very strong, they did a fantastic job so they should be really proud of themselves, Well done guys!

Satsura - Get out of my way

I dont know what to say, this was my favorite 2nd favorite song and this performance was HOT and very powerful just like him. I wanted to see him in Eurovision but i guess it wont be next year still i hope to see him in 2014!

Overall it was a very entertaining National final and i have to say congratulations to the production cause the camera work for all the performances was really great!

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