Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lithuania 2013: Heat 4 - Results

Here are the 3 semifinalists from the 4th heat:

- Linas Adomaitis - I w tonight

Ok, sadly i think he is going to win this :/, this is Lithuania and since the 1st heat the worst song won the televote so im pretty sure he is going to be a contender to win and what can i say the whole thing is just awful.

- Gintare Korsakaite - Dreaming

I like this, sweet, simple and good, still not the best but its ok and deserve to go to the finals.

- Girmante Vaitkute - Time to shine

This is the classic eurovision ballad and im not a fan of it but i kinda like it, still i think her vocal performance could be better.

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