Friday, December 21, 2012

Albania 2013: Festivali I Këngës 51 - Semifinal 1

One of my favorites national selection started last night and it was amazing as every year, very talented singers with great songs. I really love the FIK so lets start:

Im going to start with a song that sadly didnt qualify for the final:
Bon Bon Band - Humbur

This was really good and it deserved a place in the final, good rock ballad song with a solid performance, well done guys.

Now here are the 9 finalists:

Dr.Flori & Fabi - Jam ti

Very forgettable, i dont like this.

Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija - Arti i një fundi 

This is not bad but just not good jaja they did a cool performance but thats all.

Selami Kolonja - Ku je?

I kinda like this, its the kind of song you will always have in FIK but this is not for Eurovision.

Rosela Gjylbegu - Dëshirë 

She is very talented but i already forgot the song, its nice but a bit boring.

Vesa Luma - S’jam perfekt

I think this song is good but it has the wrong singer. Her vocals were weak and i didnt like her dress.

Ardian Bujupi - I çmendur për ty 

He is so good but wtf is this? i dont get it, the first 20 seconds of the song were great (winner alert)  but then it turned to another song, its like a lot of songs in one and its kinda messy. The performance was amazing cause he is fantastic, very nice singer with a strong stage presence and think he is going to be a big contender in the final, if he wins i hope this mess sounds better in english cause right now i dont like the song.

Merland Kademi - Këtu fillon parajsa 

This song is one of my favorites of this semifinal and i think it would have been perfect for a girl (Anjeza for example) still i think Merland did a great job maybe he was a bit too over the top in some moments but i really like it!

Rezarta Smaja - Ti? 

Great singer with a really good song, one of the surprises of the night, i would change her dress and make up cause it was too dramatic but i liked the performance.

Kejsi Tola - S’jemi më atje

Im so proud of her, i remember her in 2008 when she didnt move on stage and look at her now she is amazing and this is one of the best songs of this year, modern with a strong chorus and with a great performance, well done Kejsi and good luck on the final, i would love to see this in Malmö but we will see whats going to happen in the 2nd semifinal.

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