Saturday, December 1, 2012

Junior Eurovision 2012: Pre Final

The final of the 10th edition of the Junior Eurovision song contest is tonight, 12 countries are participating but only one is going to win, here are some pics from the rehearsals:

1.Belarus: Egor Zheshko - A more-more

2.Sweden: Lova Sönnerbo - Mitt mod

3.Azerbaijan: Omar & Suada - Girls & Boys

4.Belgium: Fabian - Abracadabra

5.Russia: Lerika - Sensation

6.Israel: - Let the music win

7.Albania: Igzidora Gjeta - Kam një këngë vetën për ju

8.Armenia: Compass Band - Sweetie baby

9.Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk - Nebo

10.Georgia: The Funkids - Funky lemonade

11.Moldova: Denis Midone - Toate vor fi

12.The Netherlands: Femke - Tik tak tik
Photos: Elke Roels (EBU)

I have no idea whats going to happen tonight but i like:
Compass band they are really cool and i like their 60s look and their sweet song jaja.
Lerika was one of my biggest favorites last year but this year she's not, i like the song a lot and she is really good but i think the whole act is not junior.
I also kinda like Belgium and Belarus.

But here are my 2 big favorites for tonight! i really hope one of them win cause they are so fantastic!

The Funkids - Funky Lemonade
Georgia is sooo good doing Jesc songs! this is catchy, fun and really good!! I LOVE the funky boy, he is so cute and he has a very strong stage presence, the girls vocals are fantastic and i really like the choreography! - Let the music win
This is the best song of this year! sweet, lovely and pure just like the 6 talented kids that are so amazing, i really hope to see them in the top of the scoreboard tonight cause they are great! Welcome to Jesc Israel!

So good luck to everyone and may the best one win! Go Israel & Georgia!!

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