Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Albania 2013: Identitet

I know im a bit late but i was waiting for the videos to be on youtube. Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko were the winners of the Festivali i Këngës 51 and they are going to represent Albania in Malmö:

I didnt expect this to win and even if i like it, it wasnt the best of the FIK this year. I liked the performance but i would change the start with Bledar singing, i dont think his voice works well with the song but i guess we are going to see something different in Eurovision cause it'll be a 3min version and theres no orchestra and thats kinda bad cause the orchestra was very important in this song, still i think Adrian is really good and i wish them good luck on may.

Now the act i liked the most:

Flaka Krelani - Labirinti ii zemres

Great song and singer, i love the key change in the last part.

Rezarta Smaja - Ti...

Classic FIK song that i always love and she did a great job.

Merland Kademi - Këtu fillon parajsa

One of the best songs that i keep thinking that it would have been perfect for a girl (Anjeza) still Merland was really good.

Hersi Matmuja - Kush ta dah kete emer

I love this a lot, very unusual song with a lovely singer.

Anjeza Shahini - Love 

Im very impressed with the public support Anjeza gets on FIK, they love her and she is amazing, she made me like the song!. Her performance was so good that i guess thats why i like the song now cause i've watched the performance a lot. Im very happy with her result! and i hope we can get her in eurovision again someday cause she is fantastic and i love her.

My winner:
Kejsi Tola - S'jemi me atje

The best (song/artist/performance) of this year, she was underrated by some of the juries but still i think it doesnt mind the result cause her performance and song were perfect just like her, she should be very proud of herself cause she is a great singer and she did a fabulous job on this year FIK, Bravo Kejsi!!

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