Sunday, January 26, 2014

UMK 2014: Semifinal - The Results

Here are the videos and the results from the UMK Semifinal:


Dennis Fagerström - My little honey bee

Jasmin Michaela - Kertakäyttösydän
Im sad for her cause her song is really good and deserved to be in the final!

MIAU - God/Drug
I still dislike the song but i have to say that the performance was much better than in the heat!

Clarissa feat. Josh Standing - Top of the world
Their vocals improved but i still think the whole performance is kinda messy, i love them and i see their passion on stage but i feel there is something missing on this act.

MadCraft - Shinning bright
Im so happy for them! They work hard and their energy on stage is fantastic! I love them! Go Team MadCraft!

Lauri Mikkola - Going down
Hello there Lauri! he was looking HOT! Haha. He is a great singer and his stage presence is amazing, i just cant take my eyes off him! Good job Lauri!

Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
Beautiful performance! Loved it!

Hukka ja Mama - Selja
I love them! i love their song and i love their special energy on stage! GO HUKKA JA MAMA!

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