Monday, January 27, 2014

France 2014: The Songs

Yesterday the 3 acts that are competing to represent France in Eurovision 2014 presented their songs and here they are:

Destan - Sans toi
I think the boys need to work on their vocal performance, it wast bad but it can be much better (Quentin had good vocals). Im not a fan of the song yet, i liked it but i think it lacks of something.

Joanna - Ma liberté
She is talented and the song is not bad but the whole act is just blah.

Twin Twin - Moustache
This was the performance i liked the most from the 3 acts and i think their song is the most interesting and its also very catchy! So yeah, right now they are my favs!

Overall i think the whole selection is not bad but there is no Eurovision winner over here! I have no idea who is going to win but im on Team Twin Twin and Team Destan! We will know the winner on March! Good luck to all of them! 

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