Sunday, January 19, 2014

UMK 2014: Heat 2

Hello! Welcome to the UMK 2nd heat post! Here are my comments about all the performances:

1.MAKEA - Painovoima
This is one of my favorite songs of UMK14 and i really like them! The performance could have been a bit stronger but it was good, i think they are very talented and this song didnt deserve to be eliminated :( #WellDoneMakea

2.Lauri Mikkola - Going Down
Lauri is not only a fantastic singer but he also has something that i have no idea what it is but i like it. Love the song and he did a good performance! #IHeartLauri

3.Clarissa feat. Josh Standing - Top of The World
I love them but i really think this was the weakest performance of the night, i like the song a lot but there is part of me that thinks that the song is too "eurovision" and not in a good way, still as i said before i love them and im sure their next performance is going to be much better than this one. #WorkHarder

4.Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
This is really good! Beautiful performance, well done Mikko (BTW he looked HOT) #ComeToMyBed

5.MadCraft - Shining Bright
I knew they were going to rock the stage! I love love love their energy, they are amazing! you can see in their eyes that they love what they do! The performance was good, the vocal performance wasnt great but i hope it will improve next week! Good luck boys! GO MADCRAFT! #TeamMadCraft 

6.Hanna Sky - Hope
She is such a talented and sweet girl! Im very happy for her! I think she was very nervous in the performance so im sure her vocal performance will be better in the final cause we all know that she is a great singer!. If there is something i could change about the performance i think it would be the dancer or at least his choreography but it was a very good perf overall. Congratulations Hanna! Good luck in the final! #LovelyGirl

Here are the performances and the results:

Clarissa & Josh Standing


Lauri Mikkola

Mikko Pohjola

Hanna Sky

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