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Dina Misund: Operating in the pop segment with hints from country music.

Photo: NRK
Hello everyone! We are going to start this day with the first MGP interview! She is a very talented singer and she is one of the participants from the 1st semifinal! Here are the answers of DINA MISUND:

Name: Dina Misund
Birthday: Dec 28th 1988
Favorite Color: Green
Where are you right now? I’m actually working on my new homepage (
3 things that makes you happy: music, exercising and children
What’s your strangest talent? I did play in the Norwegian Top Division for female soccer for a couple of years
Do you have any nicknames? My 4 siblings called me Mollå when I was a little girl
Home alone and your bored. What do you do? Play the guitar of course
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? A Gollum figure (not mine though)
What are you really good at? singing
What are you really bad at? Make up
Childhood idol: my oldest sister
Childhood memory: travelling to soccer tournaments with my entire family
What would you do if you were invisible? Sneaked onto long distance flights
Favorite movie: Into the wild
Favorite TV series: King of Queens
Tell me a super power you wish you had: wish I could fly
What is your guilty pleasure? chocolate
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Make me smile – Steve Harley
Tell me some of your bad habits: I spend too much time thinking and planning. Not very efficient. 
When did you start singing? 2 years old. Started performing as a 12 year old.
Can you teach me some interesting words in Norwegian? Fårikål -> Lamb and cabbage (a Norwegian dish)
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Dina Misund? and tell me your answer. 
What inspires your music? -> Everyday life, people I meet, books and movies, news and different opinions. Actually; the correct simple answer would be “life”
Hello Dina! How are you? 
I feel very good, these are exciting days

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 
I have been trying to build a career for some years now, and my debut album was released back in 2010. I would hope that people see me as an artist who emphasizes her music, the melodies and my vocal. I guess I’m kind of down to earth, operating in the pop segment with hints from country music.

You are one of the 15 finalists of MGP 2014, how did it all begin? 
“Needs” was finalized in studio during the fall of last year. I didn’t submit it to the competition at first, but decided to try it after I had been talking to someone I know at NRK Radio. I was invited to a test in Oslo and the ball started rolling.

"Needs" is the title of your song and its written by you and Frode Bjørgmo Strømsvik. How was it to work with him? 
It’s quite easy to cooperate with someone I know so well. I had an idea of what I wanted as the songs theme, and he created the lyrics in just a couple of hours. We discussed the song during this process, and adjusted it as it started to find it’s shape.
Photo: Arild Ingar Alexander Aune
What can you tell me about the song? Whats the story behind it? 
I wanted to create a song about the materialism in our part of the world. We were inspired by the movie “Into the Wild”, and I guess the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder was an inspiration too. As the lyrics unfolded it became evident that the main message was that material goods can’t replace other lacks in life, and that ownership doesn’t create happiness.
Describe the song with 4 words: 
Happy Tune Important Words

Lets talk about the performance, what can we expect to see on stage? 
Don’t expect my performance to turn the stage into a dancefloor. You´ll see me, my guitar and a couple of musicians. The choreography isn´t finished yet, but I´ll work hard to make it worth watching.

Did you watch eurovision 2013? Any favorite? 
I did watch most part of the final. Margaret Berger, the Norwegian act, was obviously my favourite as I have been following her career.

What do you like about Eurovision? 
The whole package seems quite fun, it’s a celebration of music across boarders. The musical diversity itself makes it interesting.

Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word:
2013: studio
Night: sleep
Fear: spiders (though I´m actually not afraid of them ??)
Cats: love them, grew up with a lot of cats
Stage: guitar
Norway: wealthy
Clones: unoriginal
Guitar: acoustic 
Dreams: making a living of my music
Photo: Arild Ingar Alexander Aune
What are your plans for 2014? 
Participating in ESC, releasing my second album and playing as many concerts as possible.

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview? 
It is very inspiring to discover how many who takes an interest in this competition, and it really motivates me to give it my very best.

Thanks to Dina for the interview! Wish her all the best in MGP and her career!

Here is her official website:
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