Sunday, January 22, 2012

Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2012: Semifinal 2 - The Results

I didnt watch the semifinal 2 but i watched all the videos on youtube, as last week 5 songs competed and now we got 2 songs in the final. Im going to start posting the videos from the non finalists:

Ellert Jóhannsson - Ég kem með

Hmm, dont know what to say, its not bad but i guess its just bland.

Guðrún Árný Karlsdóttir - Minningar

She is fantastic, her vocals were so good, she was the best of the performance, the song was meh but i read that she has a song in the 3rd semifinal so i hope its better than this one cause i really like her.

Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld - Stund með þér

I like this song a lot and she did a good performance so im kinda sad/mad cause she deserved to be in the final.

The Finalists:
Simbi & Hrútspungarnir - Hey

I like the song but im not sure if i like the performance, i guess no, i dont get the performance but whatever, Congratulations to them.

Regína Ósk - Hjartað brennur

Regina is back!! and i love her! no one expected a song like this for her, its a lovely song and the performance was very good, im sure she can do a much better performance but lets wait for the final. Right now i cant see this winning but who knows. Go Regina and good luck in the final

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