Monday, January 23, 2012

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012 - The Final

Last night Danish people selected their Eurovision 2012 entry, Soluna Samay won and now its time to comment all the performances:

Click here to watch the whole show

There are some videos that arent on youtube so im not going to post videos but pics, but you should watch the show cause it was amazing!. Now im going to comment, this are my DMGP 2012 results!:

9.Forever I B Young - Suriya
Forever i b young, forever i be young, wtf was that. Even if i think its a horrible song i have to say that i kinda like it, but its obviously my last place.
8. Universe - Karen Viuff
This song is pretty nice but her performance wasnt as good as the song, her vocals were weak in some parts and that dress is so ugly.
7. Venter - Christian Brøns og Patrick Isaksson
This was the typical danish winner and im happy that it didnt won, this song is not interesting and i still dont know how they get in the superfinal with that bad vocal performance.
6. Baby, Love Me - Philip Halloun & Emilia
A cute song to listen but not to watch, the performance was boring and Emilias vocal were shaky so thats why i didnt like it.
5. Reach For The Sky - Kenneth Potempa
Kenneth did a good performance, i like the song and he looked very good.
4. Best Thing I Got - Aya
I love this song and the performance was nice. Her voice is so unique, it was the perfect voice for this song, well done Aya!
3. Overflow - Ditte Marie
She is just fabulous and lovely, great song with a nice performance definitely one of the best last night.
2. Should've Known Better - Soluna Samay
The real winner is my 2nd place, i liked this since the 1st time i heard it and im happy for her, she did a great performance, they got the right atmosphere in the act and it looked so good. I dont know if this is going to get a lot of votes in may but its a good entry and im sure she will make a good job in Baku. Congratulations to Soluna and i wish her the best of luck.
1. Take Our Hearts - Jesper Nohrstedt
Oh yes, JESPER NOHRSTEDT is my DMGP 2012 Winner. When the host said the results even if i liked Soluna i was a bit sad cause this song would have been in the top my of favorites of Eurovision this year. Amazing song by a super talented boy that gave us a great performance (The best of last night imo). Bravo Jesper!

The final results
3.Venter - Christian Brøns og Patrick Isaksson 88
2.Take our hearts - Jesper Nohrstedt 102
1.Should've known better - Soluna Samay 110

Congratulations to Soluna and all the artists that participated this year, Well done Denmark!

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