Friday, January 6, 2012

Cyprus 2012: The Songs

Ivi Adamou is the girl that is going to represent Cyprus this year, we all knew that but today the 3 songs that are going to compete to be the one she is going to sing on Eurovision were released and its time to comment:

Writers: Lene Dissing / Jakob Glæsner / Mikko Tamminen

The 1st time i listened i thought it was ok but a bit meh, but now after 5 or more times listening i kinda like it. Its an interesting melody and i think its a strong song.

Writers: Niklas Jarl / Alexander Schold / Sharon Vaugh

This one is just meh, its not bad cause i like some parts but the chorus and lyrics are pretty poor, i can see this song in an album but not as a single so not sure about this song for Eurovision.

Writers: Alex Papaconstantinou / Bjorn Djupstrom / Alexandra Zakka / Viktor Svensson

WOW i feel the energy oh yeah, this is GREAT a real hit in my opinion, i can see this song being a huge radio hit everywhere, so to me this is the one that should win.

Now i really hope she can make fantastic performances on the final selection show. I wish her all the best and lets hope the best song win cause its time to have Cyprus in the final and in a top 10 or 15 at least.

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