Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bulgaria 2012: The finalists

The semifinal in Bulgaria finished hours ago and we got the 12 songs that we are going to listen in the final.

It was a very boring show, too many weak/bad songs and just a couple of good ones. Im happy because my 3 favorites (Sofi, Steliyana and Simona) made great performances and i find this whole selection kinda rigged cause i just cant believe "the academy" gave top points to a very bad song that also had a horrible performance and 0 to a song that got 7 points from the public. As i said in the bulgarian post yesterday, is obvious that the winner is going to be Dess and its kinda sad cause her performance in the semifinal was not interesting, she doesnt have charisma or good stage presence, she looks like she doesnt care what she is doing, it was flat, theres no live in that song and she doesnt have energy to give some power to the song. The song is not bad cause i like it but its not the best and i think there are other songs that can do better in Eurovision.

My biggest favorite this year in Bulgaria is Sofi Marinova and after her performance i love her and her entry even more. Sofi to Eurovision!!!

Alone in the stage without backing vocals, without dancers, without a silly choreography, its just her and her fantastic voice,  she has something that i dont know what it is but i love it, the song is fabulous, i can see everybody dancing it and what can i say? i really would love to see this winning. Team Sofi all the way!

Here is the recap of the semifinal made by ESC NATION

Vyara Pantaleeva - Vyara
Rene Ranev - Alone
Go Week - The way you see the world
Simona Sivanio - Eternal
Svetozar Hristov - Keep me down
Tsvetelin Atanasov-Elvisa ft. DZ - Love goes around
Todor Gadzhalov - Still love you
Steliyana Hristova - Putyat
Ivaylo Kolev ft. Hipnotik - Searching for the words
New 5 - Chance for better life
Sofi Marinova - Love unlimited
Dess - Love is alive

I think the final is going to be better than the semi cause there are less songs and there are only 2 or 3 horrible songs the rest is good so for the final Go Steliyana, Go Simona and GO SOFI!!!

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