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Rikke Normann - From a Soul Duet to an Uptempo Pop Explosion

Its time for another interview and this time is with the lovely Rikke Normann, i loved "Not that easy" last year and this year she is back with an amazing song and she is definitely my favorite in the 2nd semifinal and the whole MGP 2012! so i asked some things and here are her answers:

Hey Rikke, Im going to start asking you how do you feel right now?
Right now I am very excited and a little nervous. My tummy is full of butterflies, as it's getting closer to my semi final
Tell us something about yourself? what do you like to do in your free time? what did you want to be when you were a little girl?
I am a 29 year old girl, with the same interest as a squirrel - I collect things :) My apartment looks like a crossbreed of a music, shoe and toy store! I love colors and contrasts, robots and flamingoes! I also collect music gadgets and cool synthesizers.
In my free time I like to go skiing, running, write songs and hang out with friends.
When I was a little girl I wanted to be Whitney Houston, not a singer like her, but the actual Whitney! Haha, funny what you think is possible when you're young!

This is your 2nd time in a row in the Melodi Grand Prix, how was the last year experience?
Last year was amazing, I still can't believe everything that happened! A great experience which opened many doors for me .
Not that easy

Last year you sang Not that easy with Åste and won the 1st semifinal. What were you thinking in moment of the results?
Before they announced the results we were talking about how great it had been and how much fun we had, we were sure we were going home, so when they announced our names we just couldn't believe it!!! Crazy!!
You and Åste were my favorites last year and i still singing ah oh ah oh dadadadadadadaa hehe. Where is Åste? and what are the differences between Rikke 2011 and Rikke 2012.
Aaaaaw, thank you!! That's so sweet!! Åste is working on her own music and we are currently planning what the two of us should do together next... :-)
Rikke 2012 is quite a contrast to Rikke 2011, soul duet last year uptempo pop explosion this year :-)

This year you are back with the song Shapeshifter written by you and Silya. What made you write this song? and what is the song about?
The song was initially written by Silya, then I made some rewrites, and changed the chorus to make it 100% Rikke :-)
The song is about allowing yourself to let go and be totally you. It's about showing another side of yourself, that you usually keep locked up, allowing yourself to be true to who you are, if only for one night.

I really cant wait to see the performance so can you tell me something about what are you going to do on stage?
The performance is very exciting!! I get to do some stunts I never imagined I would get to do and have 6 male break dancers in it! Can't reveal to much, so you'll have to wait and see :-)
Describe your performance with 4 words
Fun, crazy, loving, quirky

Can you give me a hint about what are you to wear on saturday?
It's a dress, 3 colors, elegant but fun!

Did you watch the 1st semifinal? if you did can you share with us your thoughts about the performances and results?
I did watch it and thought the whole show was spectacular! Loved the round stage and thought the artists did great! Not surprised by the results :-)
This year the 24 songs were released before the semifinals, did you hear them? what do you think about the 7 that are in your semifinal? do you like any of the 24 songs?
I've heard parts of them and I love the fact that there's great variety this year, from dance to ballads to rock, great! Yes I like many of the songs, but haven't heard them enough to have any favorites yet. My semifinal is going to be hard because of all the great songs and artists, fingers crossed!
Tell me what do you think about the last 4 MGP winners (Maria Haukaas, Alexander Rybak, Didrik Solli Tangen & Stella Mwangi) and their songs
I think their all great winners with catchy and cool songs. My favorite song of the 4 is Maria's, but my favorite artist of the 4 is Rybak!

Did you watch Eurovision last year?
I didn't watch it because I was in the states, where it couldn't be seen :(

Rikki's Guns is the name of your album, tell me everything about it.
It's my debut album, split into an "A side" containing electro pop songs and a "B side" with more acoustic neo-soul songs! I love many different genres and this album allowed me to combine many of them. The album is also released as a "mini-rikki-usb" you can see it and get it on my website

Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans?
Hey Eurovisioners!! Hope you get your favorites from every country to the big final in Baku! Enjoy the music, stay true and have fun! - and wish me good luck on Saturday, I am so excited all ready!
Well i have to tell you that you are my favorite this year too, i already learned the lyrics of Shapeshifter and i cant stop singing it so i really wish you all the best on Saturday. Go Rikke!
Thank you so much!!! You're very sweet :-)

If you want more of Rikke visit her website:

Like her on facebook:!/pages/Rikke-Normann/200514903342283
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And you can buy Shapeshifter here:

Once again thanks to Rikke Normann for being so nice and lovely. If you are in Norway dont forget to vote for song number 8 "Shapeshifter" remember melodi 8! Go Rikke Normann!!!

"Dont cage me, dont cage me, dont cage my love" GO RIKKE!!

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