Friday, January 20, 2012

"Diva outfit, killer vocals and wind in my hair!" - Reidun about her performance

Photo: Martine Petra Hoel
The first semifinal of the Melodi Grand Prix 2012 is on Saturday and im already in the MGP mood so i asked some questions to my favorite on the 1st semifinal and here are the answers of Reidun:

Who is Reidun?
I am a hard working girl, with a passion for singing. When I dont sing, I teach other vocalists and actors. I live in Sweden right on the border to Norway, because I met my husband there. He is a musician as well, and we have a cat name Elton (after Elton John). I truly love animals, and I also love other things, such as sowing and making my own clothes (I did my own wedding gown among other things, and the shoes;-)
Photo: Martine Petra Hoel
Tell me something about Reidun the singer, what does music means to you?
My mom always say I started to sing before I could talk. i guess I have always loved singing, but I was very shy as a kid, and only practiced when I was alone, so nobody really knew I could sing until I was about 17 or so. But I started out practicing to Sissel as a kid, and then moved on to Whitney Houston. I recently lost my voice because of a virusinfection in my throat, and I couldnt use my voice at all for 3 weeks. That was sort of depressing. I then realized how much I actually go around singing and humming during a day, i guess music plays a bigger role in my life that i was aware of. Hopefully I will be totally recovered until the 21st when my semifinals are.
Photo: Martine Petra Hoel
When all this MGP experience started for you? what was your reaction when you heard the song for the 1st time?
I was actually supposed to participate last year, but had to turn it down because I couldn't combine it with the show We Will Rock You, that I was doing a leading roll in at the time. I was very sad about turning down my place, and I was worried that I would not get another chance, but luckily I did! When I first heard the song it was sung by Thomas G:son himself. I thought, "hmm, yeah I think I can do something with this". I tried it out, we made some small adjustment to the song, and then recorded a demo the very same day it had been written. Me and my husband were very excited the rest of that day, because we knew I had a song that suited me well.

High on love is the name of your song, what is the song about?
The song is about having inner strength and integrity, as well as being a tribute to true love. It can be interpreted in different ways I guess. Sometimes I think it could be sung directly to another person, and sometimes I think it could appeal to ones inner self, as in getting a great feeling about yourself because you are staying true to your feelings and what you believe in. It sort of reminds me of the movie scenario when Rocky Balboa is running up the stairs, and finally achieves his goals, after having struggled for some time.
Photo: Martine Petra Hoel
This year all the songs were released before the semifinals, did you listen the ones from your semifinal? if you did what do you think about them?
I havent listened to almost any of them yet, except Rikke Normanns song. I have been a fan of her work for some months now, and I really like her voice. I try not to read to many newspapers or other peoples opinions beforhand, so that I can have as clean a slate about my own performance this saturday.

I know there are only a few days to see the semifinal but can you describe your performance with 3 words?
Diva outfit, killer vocals and wind in my hair!
In the cover of High on love you look fabulous, can you give me a hint about what are you going to wear on Saturday?
The dress is designed by norwegian top haute coture designer Tine Steffenakk Hermansen. It is gonna be in a purple tone with chifon and clevage of course.

Tell me your opinion about the last 4 MGP winners and their songs:
Maria Haukaas - loved that there was a soulful touch to ESC. Im all about soulmusic.
Alexander Rybak - milestone in ESC history
Didrik Solli-Tangen - really good singer, the song was very powerful
Stella Mwangi - catchy and very different from what you would expect from Norway

And if you watched some of those years did you had a favorite song in the MGP that didnt won?
I did not get the chance to watch. I work a lot on the weekends when the show is running on TV.

Love Reidun
Photo: Martine Petra Hoel
Thanks to Martine Petra Hoel for the amazing photos, you can visit her web and her facebook page

This was the 1st interview of 2012 and i really want to say thanks to Reidun for the answers and for being nice.
For more news about her you can visit her official web:
Her Facebook page:
And you can buy High on love single here:

If you are in Norway dont forget to vote for Reidun and her song High on love on Saturday, Song number 3.
Once again thanks to Reidun and i wish her all the best on saturday, im sure she will rock the stage! GO REIDUN!

"I dont wanna lose this feeling im high on love..."

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