Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011: Semifinal 2

I was very nervous before the semifinal cause there were some of my favorites but there's nothing more to say, Anke was great and lets start with the songs:

01.Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dino Merlin - Love in rewind

This song its good, and he is a great artist, i think i wanted more, to me his vocals were not the best and maybe he looked a bit nervous, its not a winner for me, top 10 maybe.

02.Austria: Nadine Beiler - The secret is love

The best female singer of this year without a doutb, she looked gorgeous and she did an amazing performance, i loved it, a huge round of applause and standing ovation for Nadine! BRAVO NADINE!! BRAVO AUSTRIA! She got a great spot in the final and i hope to see her in the top 10, GO AUSTRIA!

03.The Netherlands: 3JS - Never alone
Good song with a nice vocal performance but a very poor stage presence. It was boring.

04.Belgium: Witloof Bay - With love baby
They did a nice performance but the song wasnt good.

05.Slovakia: TWIINS - I'm still alive
They definitely looked amazing, but as i said they should participate in Miss Slovakia or try other year with a better song, the performance was ok.

06.Ukraine: Mika Newton - Angel
Welcome to the Eurovision SAND contest 2011. They should put the name of the sand artist instead of Mika, yesterday at the press conference there were no questions for Mika but the Sand artist. Mika can be Miss Eurovision 2011, her vocals were good and everything looked great.

07.Moldova: Zdob si zdub - So lucky

I dont like the song, but the performance was very good, he has a strong stage presence and i think this will be in top 10 of the final.

08.Sweden: Eric Saade - Popular
I dont know what can i say about this, i wonder why it got into the final. To me was not good, his vocals are bad and i dont know, i dont like this and i know it can get a good position, sadly. Its a Kempe song can this finish in the top 10? i hope no. I like Saade cause he works very hard for the things he wants but this is not good.

09.Cyprus: Christos Mylordos - San aggelos s'agapisa
He was the biggest surprise in the rehearsals but yesterday was meh, i think his stage presence is not good and maybe the camera work ruined the performance, it was nice but i wanted a great performance. It was obvious that it wasnt going to qualify.

10.Bulgaria: Poli Genova - Na inat

All i can say is Bravo Poli! good job. Its so sad that this song with that great performance didnt get in the final, she had a fantastic energy and she should be very proud of her performance. I will miss Bulgaria on the final, she deserved to be there.

11.F.Y.R of Macedonia: Vladko Ilievski - Rusinka
I dont like his voice but i kinda liked the song, the vocals of the backing vocals were very bad but we knew this one was out of the final since a long time ago.

12.Israel: Dana International - Ding dong

The DIVA came to the stage and i love it, her vocals were much better that we all expected and im very proud of her, she is DANA INTERNATIONAL the winner of 98 no matter what, i wanted her on the final so much, but all we can do is love her and sing Ding dong and Diva. Viva la Diva! Viva Dana International!.

13.Slovenia: Maja Keuc - No one

I really like the song but i dont like the performance and also i dont like the way she is or she show her self as a person, but it was an ok performance to me, i dont like the choreography, and i dont think this can be in the top 10.

14.Romania: Hotel FM - Change

Good song with an nice stage performance, David knows how to work with the cameras and his stage presence is strong. This was one of the best performances yesterday.

15.Estonia: Getter Jaani - Rockefeller street

I was waiting for a disaster but i get a great performance i think, she looked cute, i liked all her face expressions, her vocals were not perfect but they were good enough. I loved the camera work for this song and i think it can finnish in a nice position tomorrow.

16.Belarus: Anastasiya Vinnikova - I love Belarus
I like the song but unfortunately she cant sing, i like the energy of the song but it sounded very bad.

17.Latvia: Musiqq - Angel in disguise

I cant believe this didnt qualify, it was nice song with a very good performance, the guys did their job very well and they should be happy and proud cause their performance was good.

18.Denmark: A Friend in London - New tomorrow

I love them and they are HOT, good song, great performance i dont know if the ball worked like in the DMGP but it was a very good performance. I wish them all the best for tomorrow and i think they deserve to be in the top 10, so good luck to Denmark!.

19.Ireland: Jedward - Lipstick

Here they come, here they come and i was so excited and nervous, i was hoping for a great performance and they did it!. They dont need to break glasses or to have LED screens, all they need is to be JEDWARD their energy is enough to fill the stage. Their outfit was great, the background is wonderful, the song is the best and they gave us their best so we all should give a big round of applause for John and Edward and all the team behind them cause they are working very hard and i really wish them the best for tomorrow, i want them on the top 5, GO IRELAND; GO LIPSTICK! GO JEDWARD!!.

I have to say that i really hated the moment of the results because it was so fast and messy, i wanted to feel more tension and i wanted to listen Anke singing the finalists like in the rehearsals:

But here we have the results:


Press conference

My top 10 of the semifinal 2 is:
7.Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tomorrow is the day we all have been waiting and i guess i will make a post before the show to say my favorites.

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