Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Semifinal 2 Rehearsals (2nd Day)

4th day of rehearsals is over and we have seen all the performances of the 2 semifinals, lets comment the 2nd part of the seminal 2:


Good surprise here, i think this is very good, i like her look and her stage presence, we have a fighter here and we will see whats going to happen, the only thing i kinda dislike its she going to catwalk, its too long and there is no time for it. All i can say its good luck to Poli. 4/5

11.F.Y.R Macedonia

I like to listen this song and the performance was nice, honestly i have idea if they have chances, but i think there are better songs and performances so i will say see you next year to Macedonia. 3/5


As i said in every post of Israel, i love Dana, i think everybody should judge her chances in the dress rehearsal, to me the best thing of this rehearsal was that her vocals werent horrible, i really think that with the dress everything will look amazing but Dana its much better than the song and i can imagine Israel not getting into the final, i hope everything will ok and i wish her all the best. 3/5


Fantastic song with a great singer, her dress is a bit weird but i like it, i think for that song she has the perfect look, her attitude on stage was amazing, this is going to the final but i cant see a top 10 yet. 4/5


Good song with nice vocals and a simple performance, there were 2 things i didnt like the girls choreography its horrible, too much imo, and i dont like what David is wearing, i think he should take off that clothes and put a new one, of course i will like him more without clothes but i think something like in the national final could be better. 3.5/5


Big favorite here but nothing happened to me with this performance, i dont feel her, she doesnt have a winner charisma and in the last part she sounded bad, now i dont want this to win but its good enough to qualify, i guess. 3.5/5


I love Belarus, this song its so catchy and i kinda like the performance, her vocals are not great but it wasnt very bad, the fire in this song its AMAZING, i can see her in the final. 3.5/5


They are good on stage but i will hate this on the final just like i hated Latvia 2005, 2008, to me there are better songs in this semifinal and i dont like this to go into the final, its boring for me, but im sure they will be on the final. 3/5


I think this can win the whole thing without a doutb, great performance, the balls are amazing, its a good song and its a top 5 for sure, very good job Denmark and a round of applause to the guys cause they rocked the stage. 5/5


I love them and i was a bit scared but im very happy with the performance but im very impressed with their vocals, i think this was very good, i want to see how it looks with the camera work and i cant wait to see what they are going to wear, there is other thing you guys should watch, their press conference was AMAZING, click here to watch part 1, part 2 and part 3 (Thanks to EscDaily for the videos) i really want them in the final, Go Jedward!! Here they come, here they come dam da dam da dam da dam! 5/5

Here is the ranking before the rehearsals:
10.F.Y.R Macedonia

Now the raking with the rehearsals:
10.F.Y.R Macedonia

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