Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Semifinal 2 Rehearsals

I wasnt very excited with the rehearsals of today cause there were a couple of countries that i wanted to see and i had to go to university, but i watched with Escdaily the rehearsals of Dino, Nadine, Eric and Christos, lets see what i think about the 1st rehearsals of the second semifinal:

01.Bosnia & Herzegovina

I think Dino has a magical energy, this performance brings happiness, amazing song with a fantastic artist and a very good team, i think this year is going to be very good for Bosnia & Herzegovina, i love it. 5/5


She is the best female singer this year without a doutb, i really like her, she is very talented an sweet, the song sounds great to me, the performance is very simple and her dress is very cute, i really really hope she gets into the final. 5/5

03.The Netherlands

I dont know but i think the guys of 3Js are boring, they dont look friendly, its like i dont want to see them, the song is very good for The Netherlands but im not sure if it will qualify. 3/5


Great vocals here, with a cool performance and im strating to like the song but i dont think its enough to get in the final, but they should be proud cause they are doing a good job. 3/5


They girls can sing, their vocals were very good but the performance its not memorable just like the song, but it was a nice rehearsal.  3/5


Another bland ballad with a very fake girl, i just love the "Wow big stage, uhh im happy". She in the Eurovision in Concert said the she was going to have the dancers she got on the 1st performance she did on the National selection, i wonder what happened? Now she is with a male vocalist and a sand artist which is very distracting imo, but i think her vocals were good, im not sure about the male but im sure they will be on the final. 3/5


They are so lucky, cause they 3 kinda boring songs before and they look very good after all those songs, also they have a great stage performance, and i think they will qualify and im not going to be mad cause i really like it. 4/5


All the fans are crazy about this, i love Sweden but i hate "the no matter what song our favorite is Sweden cause we love Sweden", i really dont know what happened but it was a mess and he looked bad maybe tired, but it was like he doesnt wanted to be there, the live backing vocals sounded bad, and he saying in the press conference he knows the song and he dont need to sing it every time its crap, i think he got the worse 1st impression till now, i think he will qualify but we will see if he just had a bad day, but i dont like the way he is showing himself, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love but to me he was the worse of the day. 2/5


And them Cyprus, i was expecting something simple and bad vocals but then WOW what is that, the bigest surprise till now its Cyprus, Amazing performance, he looked hot, the girl with the ball was epic and his vocals were very good, im proud of him, Bravo Cyprus i really think they deserve to be in the final, lets vote for Christos. 5/5

Here is the ranking before the rehearsals:
4.The Netherlands
2.Bosnia & Herzegovina

And here we have my ranking of the rehearsals:
5.The Netherlands
1.Bosnia & Herzegovina

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