Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Pre-Rehearsals - Semifinal 1

Well the Eurovision song contests season will start tomorrow with 10 artists from the semifinal 1 getting into the stage for their 1st rehearsal but now i will give my opinion and points of all the countries cause i know there will be some surprises with the rehearsals, so lets start:

Semifinal 1

01.Poland: I didnt love any of the songs in the national final, but when i watched her performance i really liked it, i think this is a good song and she knows how to do it on the stage. 3/5

02.Norway: I love the song, it brings happiness and it makes me want to sing and dance, Stella is a good performer but her vocals in the MGP werent the best so i hope she can do it well in Düsseldorf. 4.5/5

03.Albania: I kinda liked when she won cause she is amazing on the stage but then when i listened the english version i was like not sure if it was going to do well in may, i have some doutbs with Albania this year cause i think its a very hard song to listen but im sure that she will shine on the stage, also i love Aurela, she has so much passion in her, if you want to feel her passion watch some of her interviews and im sure you will like her. 3/5

04.Armenia: When the Armenian tv announced that Emmy was their representative i wasnt happy cause i dont like the songs of her other years but then when in the final selection Boom boom won my opinion got worse, i think its the worse Armenian song till now, that chorus its so bad, but im 70% sure that they will be on the final and im 60% sure that they will make a good stage performance so i dont know if the show will make me like the song but we will see. 1/5

05.Turkey: I dont like this kind of music or bands, they look to old and boring for me, the song was meh when i listened for the 1st time but now is just OK, Turkey will be on the final without a doutb but can this bring the worst results in years?. 2/5

06.Serbia: I love this song, i love Nina there's no more to say, they have a good song with a cool performance and a charming singer, good luck to them. 4/5

07.Russia: My opinions of Russia change every hour, if we talk about the song to me its not a winner song and if we talk about Alexsey i can say that he has a love or hate thing but i think he is a good singer, the "Scandal" with Sweden to me its to get press from both sides but i really didnt like his comments about gays and all the im straight, be careful, i know if you are straight the you maybe are going to feel uncomfortable but you can go to the esc were the 80% is gay saying that if someone harass me i will kick their face like all we do is harass straight boys, big boo to that but i know its a song contest so im sure he will make a great performance with his swedish team. 4/5

08.Switzerland: It was the first song in this year, i like it back then but know i love it, they are the cutest team this year, i just want to hug them lol, i really want them on the final and i know they can do a great performance. 4.5/5

09.Georgia: I dont like this, to me the song sounds like a demo, im sure that with a better production would have been better. 1/5

10.Finland: I like this cute song and he is a good singer, i hope his stage performance could be more like his Euroviisut semifinal performance and not the one he did on the final like Tom Dice, to me this song is better than me and my guitar and he is more charismatic. 3.5/5

11.Malta: This one its a bit hard for me cause i love Glen, he is living his dream and im sure he is enjoying every second of it, he is a good singer and i really like his energy but to me the song is not good enough even if i like the message this is not a song to get in the fina :( l, i hope he can make an amazing peformance and i wish him all the best. 2.5/5

12.San Marino: Senit is another artist that make fabulous interviews, she is fantastic, the song is cute little song that i think can be a finalist with strong backing vocals and a magical interpretation. 3/5

13.Croatia: This song is maybe too much esc, but i guess that with a great performance can get into the final, so lets wait to see whats she going to do on the stage. 3/5

14.Iceland: I didnt like this one when they won but now i really it and i can see them on the final, it has a good hook and chorus. 3.5/5

15.Hungary: The first time i listened the song i thought WOW this is GREAT and it was just a rumor, when they confirmed the song and artist i was so happy but then she sang live and it wasnt bad but it wasnt good, also she is pretty boring in the interviews and sometimes i think she is the wrong artist for that song, to me this is a song that needs to have perfect vocals, a mistake can make her fall, i hope she can make a great performance and get into the final but i have doutbs. 4.5/5

16.Portugal: There's no words for this, even if maybe i can listen to it without hating it but the live performance was a big BOO, sorry but no jokes this year. 0/5

17.Lithuania: Well i said the i can listen to it in Portugal cause the next was this one, i honestly dont like this song at all, boring, without anything to remember but her horrible style. 0/5

18.Azerbaijan: I didnt followed the long selection of Azerbaijan this year but i really like their song, also he is very cute and she is beautiful, i hope they get the right performance for the song cause i can see them on the top 6. 4.5/5

19.Greece: Loucas is Hot we all know that, and his part of the song is amazing but the rap its so no, its wtf is this its like trying to put an opera song with a latin salsa o merengue, sorry for Stereo Mike but the rap kill the song. 2/5

So this is my ranking before the rehearsals that are going to start in a couple of hours, Im sure the rehearsals will make some songs get higher and some will get lower.

12.San Marino

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