Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011: Pre-Semifinal 1

Here it is, the day has come, tonight its the 1st semifinal of this years Eurovision song contest. I guess its time of predictions and wishes, i dont know lets start with the ones i think will get into the final:

1.Finland: Paradise Oskar - Da da dam
2.Russia: Alexej Vorobjov - Get you
3.Azerbaijan: Eldar & Nigar - Running scared
4.Greece: Loukas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike - Watch my dance
5.Turkey: Yüksek Sadakat - Live it up
6.Iceland: Sjonni's friends - Coming home
7.Georgia: Eldrine - One more day
8.Albania: Aurela Gace - Feel the passion
9.Hungary: Kati Wolf - What about my dreams?
10.Armenia: Emmy - Boom boom

I think Poland and Norway can maybe make it instead Armenia and Hungary, and im feeling that Serbia will be the Finland 2010 of this year.

But now its time to see the top 10 that i want:

Lovely boy and great song.
Hot boy, great performance, strong stage presence.
Amazing song with a magical performance.
Good modern song with a nice act.
Cute song, cute team, cute performance, what can i say? this is CUTE.
Amazing singer with so much passion and energy, i love her.
Lovely song with a beautiful message to sing along.
Great song, one of the best of this year with a okish performance.

Then only 2 spots left and im not sure, honestly i think everything can change with tonight performances but lets see who are the artists fighting for those 2 spots in my top 10:

San Marino
Great artist with a strong charisma, i really love her.
Talented boy with a beautiful energy and a cool song, i love him.
Looking fierce on the pic, she maybe gets in my top 10, i like the song and she is a good singer.
This song is fantastic, cool choreography and i wish her all the best tonight.
Ok song with a great performance, boom boom chaka chaka.

So thats all, i know my top 10 its like mission impossible, but as Eric Saade said "Stop dont say that its impossible cause i know its possible". I really hope everything is going to be great tonight, and i wish good luck to all the artist and i hope the audience vote for the best one. See you after the show to see if it was possible lol.

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