Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Pre-Rehearsals - Semifinal 2

Here i am again and as you all saw my rankings of the semifinal 1 after the rehearsals changed, so its the turn of the songs of the 2nd semifinal:

Semifinal 2:

01.Bosnia & Herzegovina: The first time i listened this song was in the presentation and i didnt like but then weeks after i listened the song without watching the performance and i loved it, so the problem for me is that  think dino's move are too much, but i really love this song. 4.5/5

02.Austria: I was a bit scared of the national final in Austria cause it was 100% televote but it was a huge surprise to me when Nadine won, and im very happy cause its one of the best singers this year, amazing vocals with the best ballad of this year, i really want her in the final. 4.5/5

03.The Netherlands: This is their best song in so many years, the band is great and i think this year they will fight for a spot in the final. 3.5/5

04.Belgium: Im not sure of this song, but they are very talented and i think they are not the worse of this year. 2/5

05.Slovakia: I like the girls but i think the song is kinda weak but i dont know, i want to see it live to give an opinion. 2.5/5

06.Ukraine: As you all might know i started this blog on september talking about the Ukrainian preselection and i followed every step of it and i was very dissapointed with the result, i think this might be the weakest Ukrainian representative, i dont like Mika, to me she is fake but its not a personality contests, i dont think Angel is good enough to get into the final, but im sure that they will make a great performance so we will see them in the final. 2.5/5

07.Moldova: I dont like this song and thats all i can say. 1.5/5

08.Sweden: I love Saade and they way he works but i dont like the song and its kinda boring to see the same performance, but im wondering how the live backing vocals will sound, i dont think this will win, but we never know, his competion its Russia and Alexey did an Amazing show and his vocals were good, can Eric do it better, we will know today. 3.5/5

09.Cyprus: I kinda like the song and i really want to know if his vocals are better than in that show that he won in september. 3/5

10.Bulgaria: Every day i like this song more and more, i like her energy and i really hope she can make a nice performance, she is really nice and you can see that in her interviews. 3.5/5

11.F.Y.R Macedonia: I like the rhythm and beat of this song but his vocals are very bad. 2/5

12.Israel: I love Dana and i like the song even if its not as good as Diva, she is amazing, her stage presence is very STRONG and i cant wait to see her dresses, i really hope to see her in the final. 3.5/5

13.Slovenia: Maja is another great singer, her vocals are fantastic and i really love the song, i think with the right performance, she can be the biggest surprise this year, i can imagine her in the the top 10. 5/5

14.Romania: I think this is a very very good song and i think they will be on the final, and also i think David and Alex are very hot. 4/5

15.Estonia: I put the video of the stage for this song and i think its going to be like OMG, its very good modern song with a beautiful girl singing, im bit worried about her vocals but i hope she can sing well, i dont know if this can win yet, but we will see whats going to happen after the rehearsal. 5/5

16.Belarus: I like this song, i love the instrumental part but she cant sing live and her voice its weird like wtf, i dont think this will make it. 2.5/5

17.Latvia: I miss the banjo here cause i think its was much better than this, the guys are good but even if i like the chorus i think this whole song is bland. 2.5/5

18.Denmark: This song is very good but they should invite Andreas Johnson to the stage with them, i think they can be in the top 6 and all of them are HOT. 4/5

19.Ireland: Well i know they are not the greatest singers and its kinda weird to like Nadine and Maja and also to like Jedward but i love them to me are so cool and they got so much energy and thats all this song needs, even if i love them i can imagine a bad performance but i hope im wrong and the make a fabulous show cause i want to see and listen John and Edward in the final. Go Jedward! 4.5/5

So here is my ranking of the 2nd semifinal before the rehearsals:

18.F.Y.R Macedonia
11.The Netherlands
4.Bosnia & Herzegovina

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