Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Rehearsals - Semifinal 2 and Big 5

Yesterday 5 countries from the 2nd semifinal did their 2nd rehearsal and the big 5 got into the stage for the first time, lets watch and comment:


Much better, but i still thinking the song is bad.


Im loving this, i really hope they get into the final, also Christos is looking HOT!


Very good, good luck to Poli!

11.F.Y.R Macedonia


I love Dana and im still thinking this can be great on the night of the semifinal and if you like her, you should watch her press conference here.

Now its time to watch the finalists, i didnt make a post with my opinion of the big 5 before the rehearsals but i'll make a ranking:

Lets watch the rehearsals:


The biggest favorite, the stage looks so magical and his vocals were amazing also he is absolutely cute. I loved the song since the 1 time i listened, i dont know if France is going to win but i'll give them a big round of applause. 5/5


He is so talented and the song is great, i think the juries are going to love this, but im not sure if the audience will vote for it, the performance sounded good but it looked boring. 3/5

14.United Kingdom

There are a lot of people saying that this is going to win and i can imagine that, i think they will get points from all the countries because they are Blue and their song is not bad but i really dont want this to win, i love them cause they are HOT HOT HOT but WTF are those fugly suits, their stage presence is good, their vocals were ok, but i think (hope) they are not going to win but if they do, get naked guys!. 3/5


Lena is back, i love her, last year she was my favorite and i was very happy when she won, the song of this year is good but i wasnt sure if this song was for the contest, well when i watched the rehearsal my first thought was WOW THIS IS GREAT, and i cant believe it but this can be in the top 5 or win again, she looked beautiful and her charisma still there, BRAVO LENA!! 5/5


I like the song but i dont like the performance, i can see she hate the song in her facial expressions, the choreography in some parts is very bad, im sorry for Spain, i still can see this doing well but i dont know, to me its bottom 5. 2/5

So here we go with the rankings:
Semifinal 2
5.F.Y.R Macedonia
Big 5

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