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Eurovision Song Contest 2011: Semifinal 1

Woohoo! the first semifinal of the Eurovision song contest 2011 was yesterday and now its time to talk about it: This year i followed the semifinal on and it was perfect. I thought i was going to hate the hosts but im just going to say I LOVED ANKE!!! she was one of the best things of the night! i also loved her in the dress rehearsals singing the songs that gets into the final. The stage looked amazing, the heartbeat is lovely and the greenroom is fabulous, well done Germany. Let my review begin!:

01.Poland: Magdalena Tul - Jestem
I was very very excited and it started, Magdalena looked beautiful, to me the choreography was pretty bad, her stage presence was boring and her vocals in the last part were bad, too much scream, im sorry but i didnt like it.

02.Norway: Stella Mwangi - Haba haba

Stella has a beautiful energy with her and when the song started and i watched the audience there going crazy with it, i honestly started to dance here, i know her vocals were not good but i didnt care cause its was a good performance, the camera loves her and the public too, i will miss haba haba in the final.

03.Albania: Aurela Gace - Feel the passion
She is an AMAZING artists and person, i loved her in all the interviews i watched and she has so much passion, i always said that the song was a bit difficult to get and i started to like it more after a lot of time listening, to me the problem was that the song was not good enough but also her look, she looked scary and that didnt help, the last note wasnt perfect and when the performance finished i knew she wasnt going to qualify. Its kinda sad, but its wasnt a good performance.

04.Armenia: Emmy - Boom boom
Well , the comments before the semifinal were that she sang horrible in the Juries rehearsal so i was expecting the worse for this but i also thought that it was a finalist because its Armenia, what can i say about this? i never liked Emmy, the song was one of the worse of this year but as you might know, when i watched the rehearsal i liked the performance, well yesterday the whole show, her vocals, her dance moves were bad. I think she wasnt there, it was so so bad, im very happy that this shhh didnt get into the final.

05.Turkey: YĆ¼ksek Sadakat - Live it up
I never liked it and yesterday the performance was boring, their clothes were the most horrible thing i've seen this year, and thats all, TRT made a big mistake with this old fashioned band and i think this was a huge lesson for them, we all know how patriotic are the Turkish fans and i know this is a drama for them and that all the songs that are in the final are horrible and this is the worse eurovision ever for them but who cares, im happy that this didnt took a place that a good song and performance deserved.

06.Serbia: Nina - Caroban

Ninaaaa, i loved it, great performance, fantastic song and i was sooo happy when Anke said Serbia was the 1st finalist! BRAVO NINA!!

07.Russia: Alexej Vorobjov - Get you

As i always said this is love or hate thing, with the rehearsals i totally loved it but yesterday it wasnt that good, i totally hated the " do you feel my heart beat europe" and all those screams he shout, his vocal performance was poor and very shaky at the begining , he also looked very nervous and cocky, I dont think this can win, sorry Alex.

08.Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli - In love for a while

Yaaaaay, i was worried about their chances, but this performance was lovely and magical, you guys cant imagine how happy i was when the called Switzerland as one of the finalists. She really deserve it and her happiness in that moment made my day. Thanks to everybody who voted for her and all i can say is BRAVO ANNA!, BRAVO SWITZERLAND!

09.Georgia: Eldrine - One more day
You all know i dont like this song but yesterday its wasnt bad, great vocals, good stage presence and a great energy, they did a good job on the stage, and they are a great finalists.

10.Finland: Paradise Oskar - Da da dam

AMAZING! there is no other word to describe it, he is so cute and the performance was great, a round of applause for Axel and Finland!

11.Malta: Glen Vella - One life
He gave us his heart on that performance, i really loved it and i want to see him back in Eurovision with a better song cause he is a great artist, good job Glen!

12.San Marino: Senit - Stand by
I love her, she was one of the nicest artist this year but i think she was out of tune in the song, i wish her all the best and as she said i want San Marino to still trying.

13.Croatia: Daria - Celebrate
To me the performance was nice but it wasnt enough to get in the final, the stage performance and the were were maybe too 2001 and not 2011, but i liked it.

14.Iceland: Sjonni's friends - Coming home

For the 3rd year in a row Iceland was called last. This year was harder cause there were Turkey, Armenia and some other countries, but as i said this song was the right one to be on the final. They got an amazing spot on the final and i wish them all the best on saturday.

15.Hungary: Kati Wolf - What about my dreams?

Great song with an ok performance to me her vocals were a bit off in some parts but overall were good, i dont like her hairdo, the dress and that huge ring, but im very happy for Hungary cause they are working hard, and they deserve their spot in the final.

16.Portugal: Homens Da Luta - A luta e alegria
Well, this wasnt as bad as i imagine, they are fun and i didnt hate it, but thats all i can say, and other thing i can say its that i loved their press conference.

17.Lithuania: Evelina Sasenko - C'est ma vie
I dont like this song, too boring for me but i liked the performance, she has a strong stage presence, she looked beautiful and her vocals were great as always, I think the juries saved her and she should be happy and she has to enjoy the final.

18.Azerbaijan: Eldar & Nigar - Running scared
I love it, this looked fantastic on tv, their vocal were not perfect but i think Nigar can do it better and i hope she can do it on the final, the performance for me was great and i think they can finish in the top 5. I loved the "Golden shower" pyro at the last part of the song, it was like WOW SO BEAUTIFUL, i also have to say that Eldar is really cute, and i really thing they will do very well on the final.

19.Greece: Loukas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike
I dont have anything against Stereo Mike but the rap ruins this song. Loukas was great, his vocals were so powerful and i think thats why they get into the final.

The moment of the resulst was fabulous and i loved Anke, like for real, she is the best host ever.


Press conference with the winners

My top 10 of the semifinal:

Now im a bit nervous with the 2nd semifinal but im very ready for it.

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