Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Heat 5

The last heat came and we will know the last 6 songs in the competition, is the winner in this heat?

1.Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body

This song is not horrible but his look, his dancers and the backing vocals looked very bad, maybe too cheap, his vocals were not bad. Pavlo dont try to be sexy cause you're not.
2.Jamala - Smile

What can i say? I was waiting for this since october, imo Jamala is the perfect artist for the ESC, she is an amazing singer with a great look and strong stage presence. Smile is a fantastic song, it made me smile every time i listen to it, i really love it, the performance today was very good but i think she didnt gave us all maybe she is ready to give us all in the semifinals, her vocals were absolutely fabulous and she is on my top 3 favorites.

3.Denis Povaliy - Aces high

Is this guy a comedian? i dont know but im not sure if he is a singer, his vocals were weak, his stage presence a bit boring, his look was good kinda funny and his song is just ok.
4.Maxim Novitsky - True love can free you

WTF moment, i dont get their costumes, his vocals were ok but in some parts were bad as the screaming girl in the backing vocals, the show wasnt horrible but wasnt good enough, the song is not bad.
5.Tatiana Vorzheva - Vse Resheno/Всё решено

I really like this song, the melody is so catchy. Tonight she looked nice and her dancers looked hot, the choreography was very good, her stage presence was good but can be better and her vocals were weak, so i hope she can improve her vocals in semifinals cause i like this.

6.VRODA - Zhovteye zhyto/Жовтеє жито

They made a good performance, their vocals were good, their stage presence was nice and im not sure if the song is strong enough for eurovision, but i like it they deserved to go to the semifinals

The Semifinalists
Tatiana Vorzheva
Denis Povaliy

The Best of the night
Lets Smileee

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