Monday, December 20, 2010

2010: My Favorites NF songs

The 2011 Eurovision song contest season started weaks ago and now its time to remember and let you now my favorite songs on the national finals in this year.

The Festivali i kenges 48 was a year ago, the time goes so fast we will know the Albanian song for 2011 on saturday. Last year was the 1st time i watched the FIK live and i love it.
- Anjeza Shahini: Në pasqyrë

I love Anjeza and this song is very good, i really wanted her to win but it was good to see her happy with her 2nd place, i still wondering how this song would sound in english with a eurovision version but unfurtunately i will never know.

I also loved:
Kamela Islami - Gjëra të thjeshta
Dorina Garuci - Sekreti i dashurisë

Both songs are fantastic and very interesting. These 2 girls will try to represent Albania again, so i hope they have good songs.

Every year i get excited about spanish nf but every year i feel disappoined with tve, i dont like the internet selection at all, but i think there is not internet voting for 2011 so i think it will be different but i still believe that tve will choose the one they want and not the best one as always.
- Coral Segovia: En una vida

This song was orgasmic since the 1st day i listened and what can i say about Coral she deserved to go in 2008 and 2010 so sad she didnt make it. I dont know if the performance was amazing, the camera work was horrible and i really felt her strange like "i know i wont win, so i just want to relax and give my best" but i definitely think this was the best song and artist from this national final.

I really love some of the 2010 DMGP songs and i have to say it was a surprise when In a moment like this won, i didnt imagine that song winning.
- Sukkerchok: Kæmper For Kærlighed

This one is amazing, so bad the performance wasnt as good as the song, you can watch the final performance here.

But my winner for Denmark 2010 was:
Silas and Kat - Come come run away

Fantastic performance, great song, fabulous choreography and silas is so hot, i LOVE IT, much better than Chanee and N'evergreen.

I also liked:
Simone - How will i know
Kaya Bruel - Only tonight
Bryan Rice - Breathing
Jens Marni - Gloria 

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