Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 1

Today was the first semifinal, yeah those shows of november were quarterfinals lol, it there is something i dont like about this national selection is that it seems they dont have any rules and you dont know what will happen, well i thought there were 3 semifinals with 7 artists, 5 going to the final so there were 15finalists but it seems that i was wrong cause there are 8 artists on each semifinal and 6 songs will get into the final so we will have 18finalist but as i said everything can happen.

Now in this round i want to see new performances, some changes and better shows.

The televote semifinalists are:
QF 1: Zaklyopki - Ou la la
QF 2: Neksi - Sever-yug (WHAT)
QF 3: Vitaly Galay - My expression
QF 4: Mila Nitich - Goodbye
QF 5: Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body (???)

And then there are other televote semifinalists
El Kravchuk - Moya nadezhda
Para Normalnyh -Ledi
Vladislav Levitsky - Love
A.R.M.I.Y.A - Allo, allo

The Semifinal 1:
1. Bahroma - Eyo imya

I love this guy, the song its interesting but too long and boring for me, i like the performance but just because of him. My opinion of this its the same opinion i had in the quarterfinals.
2. Zhemchug - Hero

Some changes that i kinda like, maybe they need to connect with each other cause they dont look like a duet, i like the song their vocals were good, so i hope to see them more like a duet and now two different singers singing a song.
3. Vitaly Galay - My Expression

He is very cute, his vocals were ok but he can do it better, i want him to have more contact with the camera, that would be perfect, the song is nice, i like the way he move on stage, all that he need is a better stage presence and more connection with the camera.
4. Neksi - Sever-Yug

First of all i just cant believe they get into the semifinals for the sms voting, but i have to say that they improve their performance and that was good cause we watched a very different performance this time, much better looks, new stage performance, but its the same song so i still thinking that this is not for eurovision but i will give them some applause cause they did it much better.
5. Zlata Ognevich - The Kukushka

She is definitely one of the favorites, im still having the love and hate problem with this song, i think her stage presence was better, i felt her much stronger this time but her vocals were too painful in the last part, other thing i have with the kukushka is that i dont know what the song is about, the lyrics are like radom lyrics so i have to say i dont think i want this in Düsseldorf but we never know she is a good singer and she can do it better and i love the kuku.
6. Para Normalnyh - Ledi

Well there is nothing interesting to say, this time they looked less nervous and thats all.
7. Tatiana Vorzheva - Vso resheno

WTF? Where were the hot dancers? OMG this was horrible, i like this song and im really disappointed, she looked beautiful but very uncumfortable and her vocals were the worse vocals in the whole national selection, i dont know what happened but if she gets into the final i hope she can at least sing better.
8. Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Its good to see him on the semifinals, this song is very good and he did a great performance, his look is better than in the quarterfinals, he looked cute and simple this time, his stage presence get stronger and the dancer in the last part was cool.
There were better and worse performances, the 5 finalist were good.

The jury in this semifinal choosed 5 artists, the televote will pick 1, next sunday the second semifinal.

The Finalists
Vitaly Galay
Zlata Ognevich
Vladislav Levitsky

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