Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 2

The 2nd semifinal was today and it was much better than the 1st one, the finalists were the right ones and there were better shows.

1.Mika Newton - Angel

This is fantastic, she had a great show on the quarterfinals and she changed it to another fabulous show, 5 male dancers with wings and 5 mirrors, a beautiful dress and her hair looked better, i really love it. A big round of applause for Mika, she is amazing.

2.Ivan Berezovsky - Ave Maria

He has a very poor stage presence, but this time was a bit better than his first show. Unfortunately his vocals were very week. His voice doesnt sound good at all.

3.Shanis - Tsvetok

I like her a lot, she is a good singer and her dancers are hot, its the same show so i still like it, her vocals were good, maybe in the quarterfinal she sang better but still being a good performance.

4.Zaklyopki - Ou la la

These girls are here for the televote, they changed their outfits but they cant change their bad vocals, no dancers this time just the 3 girls trying to sing good, but sorry girls, it was very bad.

5.Elena Korneeva - Why didnt say goodbye

Her energy is so good, it was a great performance, she felt the song and the performance was very nice, so i dont have anything more to say, i love it.

6.Kristina Kim - Victim of my love

In the quarterfinals she was alone on stage, the jury told her she needed backing vocals and dancers for the next time and she did it. A different show with more energy for the dancers but i still thinking that her vocals and stage presence were weak, but at least she did something better.

7.Denis Povaliy - Aces high

I dont like, it was boring and his voice is very weak, i dont get why he get into the final.

8.Anastasia Prikhodko - Action

The performances of the 3 semifinals were recorded late at night on december 2/3. I think Anastasia recorded her performance at 3am or something like that, i felt her like "i dont care anything, i waited so much, i just wanna do this and go home" lol, i just love it, she is fantastic , she maybe doesnt have a lot of charisma but she looks strong on stage and her vocals are fantastic, i love her, i love her backing vocals, i love action, GO ANASTASIA!

The Finalists
Mika Newton
Elena Korneeva
Anastasia Prikhodko
Denis Povaliy

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