Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010 - Thanks, 2010

Well lets continue with my favorites of 2010:

Eva Rivas - Apricot stone

Eva was very confident and did a wonderful performance, imo she deserved a top 5, i just love it, a round of applause for Armenia.

Juliana Pasha - It's all about you

She is so nice, i wanted Anjeza for Oslo but i also liked Juliana, Albania works very hard to make their entry much better for eurovision and they made it, fantastic song, cool performance a very strong stage presence and 3 fabulous backing vocals, Bravo Juliana.

Paula & Ovi - Playing with fire
This was the bomb of 2010, they played with fire and i loved it, fantastic song, great stage presence, amazing vocals, fabulous promo video, a huge round of applause for Romania and for them, they deserved the top 3, i was so happy for them, i would love to see Paula for Romania someday, i also want an album from them. By the way they are today hosting the Romanian National final, so good luck to all the artists competing and may the best win.

Hera Björk - Je ne sais quoi

There is not words to describe how happy she made me, her team was without a doubt the best one in Oslo.

They are so cool and kind, when Hera won the National final i was so happy for her and i really enjoyed every interview and performance of her. I was so nervous and excited before the semifinal performance and when the music started was so energetic, it was a magical performance, i really love it, she did a fabulous performance and it was my winner on that semifinal, she is another of the eurovision artists that will always be on the hearts of all the eurovision addicts, a standing ovation and the biggest round of applause for Hera and her team.

After the last song i definitely want to review the amazing opening by Alexander Rybak.

The opening of this year was so fantastic a round of applause for NRK and all the people who made it.
I loved  that version of Fairytale, and i love Rybak, he is great!

And of course one of the most unforgettable moments:

This idea was the best idea ever, there is no boundaries, we might not know each others but in that moment we were Eurovision fans and thats the most wonderful of Eurovision a lot of people united for the same thing, i think this was the best of 2010.

Lena - Satellite

I didnt followed the Unser Star Für Oslo, when i listened Satellite for the 1st time i liked it but when i watched the performance i loved it and it became in one of my favorites since that day, i really wanted her to win but i didnt expected, i dont know why but then a lot of countries gave her 12points and you can imagine how happy i was when she won. This song was the best of Eurovision 2010 and it was a hit on a lot of countries, love oh love. Now we have Lena for Düsseldorf, i really hope they can find the right song and make a great show in may.

Now all i can say is Thanks to all the eurovision webs for all the information and coverage in Oslo, a big round of applause for NRK, all the people that made the Eurovision 2010, all the artists, all the composers, Thanks to everybody!

And im ready for Düsseldorf, lets SMILE and be happy in this 2011, i hope great national finals, fantastic artists, fabulous songs and i hope to be in Germany on may, Happy New Year!!

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