Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: My Favorites NF songs (2)

The 2010 NF season was very good, so here are other of my favorites songs:

The Euroviisut 2010 imo was great, there were very good songs and artists.
- Heli Kajo: Annankadun kulmassa

She was my winner, this was so fantastic, her kinda weird stage presence, her cool backing vocals, the fabulous and different lyrics made me fell in love with this, and i wanted her to win so bad. The Kuunkuiskaajat girls were good but this was the best of finland 2010.

- Nina Lassander - Cyder hill

This was my second favorite, lovely ballad with beautiful lyrics, it was a huge surprise to me when she gets the 2nd place, but she definitely deserved it.

- Maria Lund: Sydän ymmärtää

She is an amazing artist, she can sing, she can dance and i really enjoyed her performance, i love the lyrics of this song and they way she did it was absolutely fabulous.

I also liked:
Amadeus - Anastacia
Osmo Ikonen - Heaven or hell
Antti Kleemola - Sun puolella

The Festival da Canção 2010 was impressive, a huge round of applause for RTP for making 3 great shows, 2 semifinals and a final. Fantastic host, great stage and good songs and artists, but the juries made me think  that maybe the Festival 2010 wasnt perfect, i didnt get the jury results but what can we do.

- Vanessa: Alvorada

To me she was the best, what a great singer and it was the best ballad, much much better than the winner. She looked beautiful, and her performance was very good.

- Catarina Pereira: Canta por mim

She was the fans favorite, she gets the 12points from the televote and because of her, Filipa gets some booo when she won. To me it was a nice song but just that i dont think it was for a top 5 in eurovision.

I also liked:
Seis Po'Meia Dúzia - Pássaro Saudade

Im not a fan of this nf but this year there were 2 songs i liked.

- Lenna Kuurmaa: Rapunzel

This show made me like the song, to me this was the one that deserved to go to Oslo. She have a huge charisma and the song is catchy.

- Iiris: Astronaut

What a huge stage they got, this song was the one i liked the most before the final, it was a nice performance, i prefer this than the winner.

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