Friday, December 10, 2010

Aliose or Ilira & The Colors FTW! - Eurovision Switzerland 2011

Tomorrow we will know the 1st song of the 2011 Eurovision song contest, i can tell you that im not that excited as i can be, 12 songs will compete and i just like 2. My favorite didnt get into the final, sadly cause it was the perfect song for Switzerland 2011.

I really liked this song and she seems to be a great artist, but lets move on to the songs that are in the competition, im not sure if i will comment the 12 songs tomorrow cause there are a lot of bad songs, i guess i will comment the winner performance or something like that. There are just 2 songs i like:

Aliose - Sur les pavés: cute song, i really want to see them tomorrow, i watched a live performance of them and i love it, she is beautiful and i love this song.

Ilira & The Colors - Home: This is the best song imo, but im not sure if they have a strong stage presence.

We have Lena, 3JS, Christos Mylordou, Dino Merlin and maybe Emmy?. But tomorrow we will have the artist and the song, this year the 1st one isnt Albania.

Good luck to the 12 artists tomorrow and i hope the swiss people vote for the right one.

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