Monday, December 27, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 3

Finally after a week without a show, the 3rd and last semifinal of the Ukrainian national selection is here, 7 songs, 5 finalists, 3 artists waiting for the televote.

Daria and Jamala two of my favorites are in this semifinal, so lets hope they get the final.

1.A.R.M.I.Y.A - Allo allo

I think they looked better in this semifinal but their vocals were worse, i didnt get the energy, it was a bad performance.

2.El Kravchuk - Moya nadezhda

I didnt like it at all, this version is bad, i prefer the russian version, his english is horrible and the lyrics were not good, so i hope he sings the russian version in the final, the performance was also very bad, his hands move were too much and he sang better the 1st time, hope he can do it better next time in russian, please.

3.Jamala - Smile

I love Jamala and i love the song, this performance was better than the 1st one, i really like when she dance at the latin part, but even if it was better i didnt like the dancers so i hope no dancers for the final. Her vocals were amazing as always, Go Jamala! without dancers.

4.Eduard Romanyuta - Berega
I have to say this again, he is so cute. I like this song, i like him and i think he gave us a very nice performance, his vocals were ok, his stage presence was good and the pyro at the last part was great, so lets wait to see what he is going to do on the final.

5.Mila Nitich - Goodbye

Hmmm, i dont know what to say, her performance was kinda boring, i think she didnt get the right tone when she started and her stage presence is very bad.

6.Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body

I dont have anything to say, it was better than the last time, i think he enjoyed so that all.

7.Daria Medovaya/Dasha Medova - Infinity

OMG, she looked so beautiful, the new dress is absolutely fabulous, fantastic feelings through the song, her vocals were the best and im really happy for her, she is so talented and lovely, it was a great performance, a round of applause for her, Go Dasha!!.

8.Matias - Myself
He didnt perform cause he was sick but they gave him another oportunity so he is waiting for the televote results. I think that means that he is in the final without a performance in the semifinal, im not sure if this is fair, but lets hope he make a good performance in the final.

 The Finalists
Eduard Romanyuta
Dasha Medova
El Kravchuk

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